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Congress Alert

Democratic Leadership in Congress has Itself to Blame for Time Running Out on Approving National Marijuana Legalization

United States Senate member Cory Booker (D-NJ) says Republican gains in the US Congress in the midterm election mean the lame duck session ending in January is crunch time for passing national marijuana legalization. “So it’s either now, or it might be many years from now” for legalization, concluded Booker in a post-election interview at NJ Spotlight News.
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Now Extinct: Anti-War Democrats in the House of Representatives

There was a time when some Democrats in the United States House of Representatives would speak out against and vote against US wars. Sadly, the Tuesday US House of Representatives vote on a bill (HR 7691) to spend over 40 billion dollars in pursuance of the US war on Russia demonstrates that anti-war Democrats are now extinct in the House.
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The AXIS Act, a Step toward World War III

The Axis powers, including Germany and Japan, were the foes of the United States and other Allied powers in World War II. Decades later, President George W. Bush chose to term some other nations — Iraq, Iran, and North Korea — as a new “axis of evil.” That was followed by a US invasion and overthrow in Iraq. Decades later, US troops remain in Iraq, and US sanctions and hostility directed at the other two nations continue.
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Legalizing Marijuana Is Not So Much the Goal of the US Congress Leadership’s Legalization Bills

Why hasn’t the United States Congress sent to President Joe Biden legislation to end the US government’s war on marijuana already? We are over four years into about two-thirds of Americans supporting marijuana legalization and majority support being reached among Republicans. Yet, the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives and Senate keeps failing to take the steps needed for Congress to deliver legalization legislation to the president. Why?
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Bipartisanship: US House Races MASSIVE Ukraine Weapons Transfer to the Floor!

In Washington the global US military empire is a bipartisan affair. With a trillion dollar yearly military budget, there are plenty of opportunities for both the position and the opposition parties to thrust snouts deeply into the trough. While Ron Paul was in Congress and GW Bush was president, however, we did a good deal to craft a bipartisan antiwar coalition in opposition to the Iraq war and other Bush-ite neocon misadventures.
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