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What Inflation? What Justice? Fed Chairman? #AskRonPaul

Ron Paul takes viewer questions from Twitter/X followers on “hidden” inflation, the impunity of many in the ruling class, and…would he accept Fed Chairman if offered? Tune in as we bring back a favorite feature on the Liberty Report!

Smackdown! Rand HAMMERS Mitch On ‘Isolationism’ Accusation!

Senator Paul put out a scorcher of an article in response to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s accusation that Rand was an “isolationist.” We’ll unpack the sizzler in today’s show. Also today – Democrats are calling on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to step down so Biden can name a “younger” replacement in case he loses his re-election bid. Does this seem a bit tawdry and unseemly?

Anti-Biden Protest Vote Catching On Nationwide

At least a half million Democrat voters have cast their votes for “uncommitted” rather than for Joe Biden, as opposition to his “blank check” policy for Israel continues to grow. Biden strategists are getting nervous. Also today: Gaza slaughter is bringing in big bucks for the Israeli arms industry. Finally: the House FISA battle heats up.

Democrat Revolt! Pelosi Demands Pause In Weapons To Israel!

After last week’s Israel attack on western aid workers, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signed a Democrat Party letter to President Biden demanding a pause in arms shipments to Israel until an investigation can be completed on the attack. Democrats are increasingly feeling the pressure of their party’s overwhelming opposition to Biden’s Israel policy. Also today: more cracks in NATO’s rotten core. Finally: Trump does the right thing on abortion.

The Death Of American Liberty, With Guest Jim Bovard

For decades, writer Jim Bovard has been a critical observer of the passing scene. His documentation of the loss of our liberties will continue to be a valuable tool for future generations. Bovard joins us today to discuss his new book, “Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty.”

Pentagon And Neocons Seek To ‘Trump-Proof’ Ukraine Military Aid

Pentagon and NATO officials are reportedly considering moving under NATO control a multi-national group that coordinates military aid to Ukraine. Control is currently in US hands, but the deep state fears a re-elected President Trump may attempt to stop their endless war machine. Also today: Biden’s crocodile tears over Israel’s slaughter of aid workers.

Israel Bombs Aid Workers…Biden To Send More Bombs!

Israel “scored” a triple yesterday, bombing aid workers in Gaza, a hospital in Gaza, and the Iranian embassy compound in Syria. Meanwhile the Biden Administration is reportedly preparing another massive weapons “sale” to Israel. Also today: Sen. Mitch McConnell warns of a rise in “isolationism” in the Republican Party.

Biden’s War On Easter

President Biden has declared Easter Sunday to be the “Transgender Day of Visibility” and his administration has released “border migrant rioters” while Jan. 6th political prisoners remain in the gulag. Also today: A US Representative calls for more terrorism against citizens of Gaza and finally…Speaker Johnson wants to give Ukraine a…loan?

‘Hell No, We Won’t Go!’ – Most Americans Would Not Serve If War Broke Out

According to a new YouGov poll, the majority of Americans of military age would refuse to fight if a major global conflagration broke out including the United States. What does this say about our foreign policy and US future? Also today: Rep. Massie exposes cattle-tagging tyranny. Finally: Texas Governor declares war…on the First Amendment!

Bad News For Bibi: New Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose Israel

A new Gallup Poll released today shows a dramatic decline in US support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, with the majority of Americans opposing Israel. Among Democrats, the opposition is even higher, promising more headaches for Biden. Also today: Media meltdown on Ronna’s (now-cancelled) MSNBC contract. Finally: UK General admits obvious: ‘we can’t fight Russia.”

Cliffhanger: Assange Gets Temporary Reprieve From UK Court

A UK High Court delivered a mixed bag to Julian Assange and his family earlier today, holding off on ruling for the deportation subject to US “reassurances.” But the court rejected key elements of Assange’s appeal. We’ll break it down today. Also in the program: FDA surrenders in its propaganda war against Ivermectin. Finally: Trump’s surprising straight talk on Israel and Gaza.

New York Robbery Of Trump…Put On Hold?

A last minute “stay” of ten days was granted to former President Donald Trump in his half-billion dollar “fraud” case, meaning he must come up with $175 million within ten days or the state would begin seizing his assets. Also today: Speaker Johnson invites Netayahu to address Congress and…who attacked Moscow?

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