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NYC To Illegals: ‘Want Some Money?’

: In the latest illegal immigration boondoggle, the mayor of New York City adopted a program to give each illegal immigrant family a debit card worth $10,000. Refillable. And he awarded a “minority-owned” company a no-bid contract worth $53 million to carry out the policy… Also today: Neocons bust Ukraine “myths.”

Navalny Death A ‘False Flag’?

Who benefits from the death of Russian politician Alexei Navalny? Could he have been “pushed” by western intelligence services? Also today: Stung by losses in Ukraine, the EU declares war on…the Houthis! Finally – Pelosi in a time warp.

Last Chance For Assange?

As Wikileaks founder and publisher Julian Assange makes one final appeal before UK judges to avoid being extradited to the US to face 175 years in prison, press freedom advocates worldwide call on the governments of the US and UK to cease the years-long persecution. Journalism itself is on trial. What to expect? Also today: Trump 2.0 a “Christian nationalist” Administration? Also – Is it really “white supremacism” to like reading”

Crying Crocodile Tears Over Navalny

The usual suspects have decided that Russian president Putin had “dissident” Alexei Navalny killed in prison. Neocons in the US are demanding money for Ukraine because of it. But who is he? Also today: New poll shows most Americans want Ukraine war to be over.

Australian Parliament To US: ‘Free Assange!’

An overwhelming majority in the Australian parliament has voted to request that charges against Julian Assange be dropped and that he be allowed to return to his native country. The UK high court will hold hearings next week on whether Assange can continue to argue his case against extradition to the US, where he faces 175 years in prison. Also today: the pro-war faction of Congress is maneuvering to get the military aid supplemental to the floor. Finally, House Intel Committee Chairman rolls out very suspicious “national security warning” regarding Russia.

Coup! Obama’s Spooks Outsourced Spying On Trump To FOREIGN Services!

A new bombshell report by Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger shows that the Obama Administration intelligence agencies used their foreign counterparts to spy on the Trump campaign and its personnel. Why? They wanted the dirt on Trump but it would have been illegal for the CIA to do the spying. Also today: Biden DHS head Mayorkis impeached in the House. FInally: DEI in the sky should make you afraid to fly!

Senate: $60 Billion For Ukraine, $0 For US Border.

With the collaboration of most Senate Republicans, the US upper body “survived” a valiant filibuster effort by Sen. Rand Paul and others and passed a nearly $100 foreign military aid bill with any mention of the US border removed. Sen. Vance pointed out the several poison pills in the bill that would unconstitutionally bind any new Trump Administration, yet Senate Republicans ignored him. Also today: a panicked Congress seeks to forbid a future President Trump from getting out of NATO.

Shock Poll: Nearly 90 Percent Think Biden Too Old For Another Term!

After a terrible week for President Biden, one in which the special prosecutor determined that Biden should not be charged over mishandling of classified documents because he was not mentally fit, a new poll shows the vast majority of Americans think he is just too old for another term. There is something the poll is missing, though… Also today: CDC vs CDC on masks. Finally – Dems panic that Trump might shut down their censorship agency.

Will The Supremes Ban Trump?

Today the US Supreme Court takes up the case of Colorado banning former President Trump from the ballot. Is this a legal case? Political case? Both? What to expect? Also today, surprise: no charges expected in Biden’s classified documents case. Finally: “We have troops in Syria? Really?

EU Freakout: ‘BAN Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview!’

Showing their disdain for journalism and fear of losing control of the narrative, leading EU politicians are calling for a travel ban on journalist Tucker Carlson over an interview he will release with Russian president Putin. And the interview is not even out yet! Also today: Rare failure of Israel funding bill in the House and McConnell losing control of Senate Republicans.

War Profits And War Lies: Tricks Of The Deep State Trade

It is through constant lies that the war party generates the wars that bring them unlimited profits. As Congress ponders spending nearly another $100 billion on permanent wars, how do they keep fooling Americans into thinking it’s “national security”? Also today: Ukraine weapons skim. Finally: New poll spells trouble for Biden’s Middle East policy.

Biden’s Bombing Bid Backfires in Middle East

The Biden Administration’s attacks on Syria and Iraq over the weekend was supposed to deter the various militias from continuing to attack US military outposts in the two countries. But it hasn’t worked. And it won’t work. As Doug Macgregor writes in the American Conservative, Biden’s bombing is “pointless…virtue signalling.” Also today: Senate border bill is DOA in the House. Speaker Johnson moves to fund Israel in a standalone bill.

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