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VP Pick Vance: ‘Punch Iran Hard!’

And…there goes hope of a more sane foreign policy, as Trump’s VP pick JD Vance comes out swinging with the “brilliant” idea of REALLY attacking Iran, not just those “little bombing runs.” What Vance doesn’t understand is that this is not the world as it was ten years ago. A war on Iran could well bring in China and Russia, and at the least would mark a massive Middle East escalation where a good deal of the fallout would affect the Israel that he claims to so strongly support.

JD Vance And The Future Of The Republican Party

Former President Trump shocked and surprised both supporters and opponents with his decision to name US Senator JD Vance (R-OH) as his running mate. While Vance is no non-interventionist, his approach is vastly different than Trump’s last VP choice. Is Trump signaling a generational and ideological shift in the Republican Party away from the neocon domination of the past several decades?

Riding Out The Breaking Storms

After a week being sidelined by Hurricane Beryl, the Ron Paul Liberty Report is back to discuss the even bigger storms that have broken in the political world – the attempted assassination of former President Trump. How responsible for the violence is the media, which has played up the “danger” of re-electing Trump?

Independence Day, 2024.

Dr. Paul reflects back on the July 4th celebrations of his past and also the meaning today.

President Kamala?

The mainstream media that had been telling us for three years that Joe Biden is perfectly fine, has turned on a dime and tossed him under the bus. Now they are all in for a Kamala Harris candidacy. Is this a winning strategy? Would anyone pop popcorn for a Kamala/Donald debate? Also today, two new polls show Europe is tiring of “Project Ukraine.”

Democrat Fever Dreams Over Supremes’ Immunity Ruling

The Democrat panic over their repeated lawfare own-goals has descended into the realm of madness, as they line up to suggest Biden can, in response, “take out” the entire Supreme Court. What’s wrong with these people? Also today…US bases on “high alert” a week after US missiles kill sunbathing kids in Crimea. Who’s the victim?

Big Win For Trump At The Supremes

Former President Donald Trump caught a major break from the Supreme Court today in a ruling that the president has broad immunity from prosecution for acts committed while exercising the office of the president. Also today: January 6th protesters also get a big break, as the “insurrection” is downsized.

The Great Biden Freak-Out

Suddenly that segment of the country that depends on the mainstream media for its news has made a horrific discovery: They’ve been lied to again. Biden really is…that bad. Now that same elite media is desperately struggling to put the toothpaste back in the tube. What’s next for the presidential campaign? Also today, our four takeaways from the debate.

Trump Vs Biden On Stage: Fight Of The Century…Or Snoozefest?

Are you going to watch the debate tonight? It’s billed as the battle of the ages, but with all the rules and biases built in, how much actual drama can we expect? Will anyone change their minds? Also today: How did the Left and Right both get the Supremes so wrong on Murthy v. Missouri?

US To Lebanon: ‘We Will Defend Israel If War Breaks Out’

A new article in Politico reports that senior Biden Administration officials have warned Lebanon that if Hezbollah retaliates to any Israeli attack in Lebanon, the US will become involved. Thus the Biden Administration commits the US to a possible major war in the Middle East while Congress blissfully sleeps. Also today: House GOP moves to negate legitimacy of Jan. 6 Committee and thus spare Steve Bannon from jail.

Forging A New Antiwar Movement, With Special Guest Dennis Kucinich

There is a new antiwar coalition building outside the uniparty doupoly, with rebels in the US House on “Left” and “Right” joining together to oppose US hyper-interventionism and lurching toward World War III. Former US Congressman, current candidate, and lifetime peace activist (and RPI Board Member) Dennis Kucinich joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss.

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