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War of aggression...

Coming to Terms With Iraq

Jacob G. Hornberger Feb 12, 2016


It seems that Iraq will continue to haunt the American people for the indefinite future. And it should. Including the Persian Gulf intervention, the 11 years of sanctions, the no-fly zones, the post-9/11 invasion and and occupation, and the post-occupation bombing, the U.S. government has killed, injured, and maimed several hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens.

There is also the massive destruction of homes, businesses, automobiles, infrastructure, and other property in Iraq.

There are also the Iraqis who were rounded up, tortured, sexually abused, or executed, including those at Abu Ghraib.

Finally, today there are US presidential candidates who are practically foaming at the mouth in the hope that they will have the opportunity to order US troops to wreak even more death and destruction on Iraq, this time under the rational of attacking ISIS.
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The Three Republican Stooges Who Would Draft Your Daughters

Shane Kastler Feb 11, 2016


We have a word in English to describe the act of taking someone against their will and forcing them to work for you. It's called slavery. One form of this, indeed the most heinous form of this, would be a military draft. Because this particular form of slavery involves much more than being forced to pick cotton on a plantation; it involves the high possibility of being blown to smithereens on a battlefield. All while working a profession that you did not choose, fighting a war that you might not agree with, to benefit politicians that you probably don't even know. Regardless of whether you are drafting men or women; the very premise of a draft is completely at odds with the idea of liberty. Drafting men is evil. Drafting women is evil and insane.

Some would say that drafts are sometimes necessary to defend liberty. But what type of liberty is this defending? The liberty of a nation to say that certain people have no liberty at all? That certain people are required by law to be killed if their government gods dictate it is so? To die for such a liberty as this is to die for liberty as a myth. True liberty means you choose what you will and won't do with your life. And no one, including the self-perceived federal masters can force you to.

The great economist Walter Williams (who happens to be black) once stated that requiring young men to register for the draft is like asking black people to register for slavery, just in case the government decides they want to change their mind and re-institute it. Williams dramatic illustration is right on point. Should black people be forced to do something against their will just because they are black? Of course not. Should 18-25 year old males be forced to?
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Will Geneva Talks Lead Right Back to Assad’s 2011 Reforms?

Sharmine Narwani Feb 10, 2016


Syrian peace talks have already stalled. The opposition refused to be in the same room as the government delegation, while the latter blamed opposition “preconditions” and the organizers’ inability to produce a “list of designated terrorists.”

The UN’s special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura has now promised talks will reconvene on February 25, but how will he achieve this?

So much has shifted on the global political stage and in the Syrian military theater since this negotiation process first began gaining steam.

In just the past few weeks, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have recaptured key areas in Latakia, Idlib, Daraa, Homs and Aleppo, and are making their way up to the Turkish border, cutting off supply lines and exits for opposition militants along the way.

While analysts and politicians on both sides of the fence have warned that a “military solution” to the Syrian crisis is not feasible, the SAA’s gains are starting to look very much like one. And with each subsequent victory, the ability for the opposition to raise demands looks to be diminished.
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Anatomy Of The Deep State: An Open Conspiracy

Feb 11 - What is the "deep state"? Is it a secret national security apparatus that spies on us and operates "black sites" overseas? Some judicial star chamber ruling in secret? Well, partly. But as Mike Lofgren, author of "The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government" points out, the whole truth is comparatively banal. The deep state consists of the multiple layers of government and quasi-government bureaucracies and the myriad of cottage industries they spring up around them, including the military-industrial complex and the election-industrial complex. They operate out in the open and are almost completely overlooked, while Americans instead to turn their attention to the latest election. But elections change very little in Washington with the deep state in the driver's seat:


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While Kerry Talks Ceasefire, US Allies Secretly Ship Grad Missiles to Syria Rebels
The big news yesterday was that after some five hours of intense negotiation on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, an agreement was reached between the major powers on a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria within the next week or so.
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Hillary Clinton Top Aides May Testify Against Her in Clinton Emails Case
Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano said in a Thursday Fox News interview that the United States Department of Justice will likely seek to make deals with individuals who were top aides to Hillary Clinton so those aides will testify against her if there is a prosecution of Clinton for failure to adequately protect government secrets while she was US Secretary of State.
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Ron Paul 'The Maverick' at University of Texas, Arlington
Ron Paul, the prominent libertarian communicator, has said many times that the great interest in the ideas of liberty he finds among young people on university campuses gives him reason for optimism. In fact, Paul has made it a priority to speak at universities often, seeking to help build a greater understanding of liberty among both students and people from the surrounding communities.
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UN Rules Julian Assange is ‘Arbitrarily Detained’
The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained by the “democratic” governments of Sweden and the UK and is entitled to his freedom and compensation for detention by the two “democratic” governments.
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Judge Napolitano: Clinton Espionage Evidence is Overwhelming. Will Obama Block Prosecution?
In a new video report at Fox News, former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano predicts that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will “very soon” recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for espionage based on her alleged reckless handling of US government secrets while she was secretary of state. That indictment recommendation, Napolitano explains, will bring the matter into the “political sphere” in which President Barack Obama will have the power either to allow or prevent a prosecution.
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