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‘Give War a Chance’ – A ‘War That Even Pacifists Can Get Behind’

Alastair Crooke Jun 9, 2023


More than a year into Russia’s Special Operation, the initial burst of European excitement at western push-back on Russia has dissipated. The mood instead has turned to “existential dread, a nagging suspicion that [western] civilisation may destroy itself,” Professor Helen Thompson writes.
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Blame Game Over the Bombing of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

Kurt Nimmo Jun 8, 2023


In post after post yesterday morning, the corporate war propaganda media is attempting to blame Russia for the terrorist bombing of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River. It is doing this by underscoring an accusation made by a documented serial liar, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his coterie of Nazi-worshipping thugs, that Russia punched holes in the dam in order to flood the battlefield.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres shifted the blame on Russia following the terrorist attack. Guterres said the incident at the Kakhovka dam is “another devastating consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Mr. Guterres is either clueless or unable to process information contrary to the cynical and easily debunked lies and dissimulation of the USG and its corporate war propaganda media (long ago infiltrated by the CIA and converted into a “Mighty Wurlitzer” of disinformation, now ubiquitous).

Guterres is a well-trained circus animal that jumps through flaming hoops on command. He ignores that fact Russia’s SMO was launched not only to prevent NATO from pushing its war machines and troops up against the Russian border, but also to put an end to eight years of terror bombing of ethnic Russians in the Donbas by the indisputably neo-nazi military of a post-coup regime installed by the USG State Department in Kyiv.
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The Korean War Was a Senseless Waste of American Lives

Laurence M. Vance Jun 7, 2023


The remains of an American soldier were laid to rest on Memorial Day at the Andersonville National Cemetery in Georgia after a police car with lights flashing escorted the casket to the cemetery. What made this funeral service so unique and so tragic is that Pfc. Luther Herschel Story was killed on September 1, 1950, during the Korean War.  He was just eighteen years old.

Story left high school during his sophomore year and enlisted in the Army. In the summer of 1950, he deployed to Korea with Company A of the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment. After he was wounded when his unit came under attack by three divisions of North Korean troops, Story seized a machine gun and killed or wounded about 100 men according to his Medal of Honor citation that his father received at a Pentagon ceremony in 1951. 

“Realizing that his wounds would hamper his comrades, he refused to retire to the next position but remained to cover the company’s withdrawal,” the award citation said. “When last seen, he was firing every weapon available and fighting off another hostile assault.” An unidentified body recovered from the area where Story was last seen fighting was buried in 1950 with other unknown service members at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii.
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'The Durham Report Unmasks the Deep State' - Peter Van Buren at the RPI Houston Conference

Jun 6th - Peter Van Buren's speech at the RPI Houston Conference 2023. Watch it on today's Liberty Report:


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The FBI, Ukraine’s Censorship Assistant
Aaron Maté has been among a handful of reporters to whom Elon Musk granted access to Twitter records to uncover efforts by the United States government along with Twitter to censor communication on the social media platform in the time before Musk gained control over it.
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The Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Shot is Kaput
Last week, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus shots.
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Mexican Cartel Spotted With US Anti-Tank Weapons On The Texas Border!
A Mexican television news station has reported that a Mexican cartel operating near the Texas border has been spotted with US or Norwegian anti-tank missiles of the kind being sent to Ukraine by the boatload. Is Washington's insane Ukraine policy coming home to roost? Also today: The Taliban use US weapons in border skirmish with Iran - what could go wrong? Don't miss today's Liberty Report...
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From 'Trans Rights' To 'Trans Entitlements' - A Threat To Civil Society
The increasing demands for trans group rights is destroying civil society and leading us to civil conflict. So says Wendi McElroy in a recent Mises Institute article. Is she right? Also today: You'll never guess who's sending Target bomb threats! Finally - Rand Paul's "I told you so" moment. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Escalation: Lindsey Graham Applauds 'Dead Russians' As Drones Hit Moscow
Sen. Lindsey Graham was in Kiev over the weekend where he spoke approvingly of "dead Russians." However, some of his most incendiary comments were actually edited together by Ukrainian President Zelensky's own office to make them sound even more threatening. Meanwhile, Ukrainian drones hit Moscow for the first time though no serious damage occurred. Closer we get to WWIII. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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