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The Lessons of Waco

Ron Paul Jun 14, 2021


April 19 was the 28th anniversary of one of the most shameful episodes in modern American history: the massacre of 76 innocent men, women, and children by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in a military-style assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.
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Florida appeals court rules mask mandate is unconstitutional

Daniel Horowitz Jun 15, 2021


In April, I wrote a column outlining the constitutional violations of mask mandates and asking why the courts have failed to abide by the line of Supreme Court cases protecting the right to bodily integrity. Well, on Friday a Florida appeals court did exactly that, perhaps in more emphatic language than a Kentucky judge last week.

Although Florida has been largely free of state-based COVID restrictions and never had a mask mandate, several counties, such as Alachua, zealously instituted unconstitutional regulations until fairly recently. In a landmark ruling on Friday, Florida's First District Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court had erred in tossing out the lawsuit against Alachua County's mask mandate because it should be held as presumptively unconstitutional.

"Based on what the supreme court has told us about the scope of article I, section 23, Green (and anyone else in Alachua County) reasonably could expect autonomy over his body, including his face, which means that he was correct to claim an entitlement to be let alone and free from intrusion by Alachua County's commission chairman," Judge Adam Scott Tanenbaum, an appointee of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), wrote. "The mask mandate, then, implicated the right of privacy. According to Gainesville Woman Care, the mask mandate was presumptively unconstitutional as a result."
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Biden wants NATO to project the strength it doesn’t have

Scott Ritter Jun 15, 2021


Joe Biden travelled to Brussels riding the wave of his “America is back” mantra. Far from rebuilding the US-NATO relationship, he used NATO as a prop to help set the stage for his upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The United States is facing a perfect storm of crises of its own making. On the domestic front, the American democratic institution is collapsing under the weight of centuries of unresolved societal inequities that threaten to divide the country into two irreconcilable factions. In the Pacific, decades of geopolitical neglect fundamentally ceded the strategic advantage to a surging China, allowing the momentum of that country’s economic and military expansion to challenge and, in some areas, surpass what had previously been a region of uncontested American influence and control. In Europe, the post-9/11 focus on the Middle East and South Asia left a once dominant American military posture in ruins, and with it the influence 300,000 troops once forward-deployed on European soil used to bring. Lacking an American military spine, the NATO alliance withered into virtual irrelevance, unable to meaningfully project power or mount a credible defensive deterrence. 

This storm is still raging, and despite all the rhetoric and flexing being done by the administration of President Joe Biden, will continue to do so, unabated, for the foreseeable future. One of the root causes of this storm is the disconnect between policy and action on the part of the US over the course of the past 30-odd years. In 1991, the US had the world’s most powerful economy backed by the world’s most powerful military, sustained by the world’s most vibrant democracy.
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Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks...Or Duds?

June 15 - Joe Biden will meet his Russian counterpart for the first time as president. Will this meeting herald a new stability in US/Russia relations, or will it devolve into US lectures and Russian counter-lectures? Can Joe hold his own with Putin? Also today: Andy Slavin is a very bad and evil person. And parents are fighting back against "woke" school districts. Today on the Liberty Report:


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Dennis Kucinich Announces His Candidacy for Cleveland Mayor
In May, I wrote about Dennis Kucinich, know across America for his work in the United States House of Representatives and two runs for the Democratic nomination for US president, being in the lead in polling for the Cleveland, Ohio, mayor race. At the time, Kucinich had not yet announced his candidacy.
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Susan Ashbrook, RIP
It is is with deep personal sadness that I must announce the death of a former Ron Paul Congressional staffer from down here in Dr. Paul's old Congressional district, TX-14.
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Everyone Should Take the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines? Nope.
A multitude of politicians and people in the media have been saying everyone should take experimental coronavirus vaccines, some of which are not even vaccines under the normal meaning of the term.
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Del Bigtree’s Ron Paul Interview: Coronavirus Crackdowns and Vaccines, Inflation, the Great Reset, Libertarianism, and More
In the Thursday episode of The HighWire, host Del Bigtree has brought us a standout interview with premier libertarian communicator Ron Paul.
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The Drug Policy Alliance’s Queer Agenda
You might think of the Drug Policy Alliance as a single-issue organization focused on ending the war on drugs. In fact, in a section titled “A Broad Coalition” at the “About Us” page of the organization’s website, the Drug Policy Alliance declares that “Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs must end.”
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