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Troops Coming Home from Afghanistan? Depends on Who You Ask.

Ron Paul Oct 19, 2020


Foreign policy has really been dysfunctional in President Trump’s first term. No sooner does the president make a strong foreign policy statement than one of his appointees grabs a microphone to explain what the president “really meant.”
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College Coronavirus Madness Can Put Students at Risk of Dying in Fires

Adam Dick Oct 16, 2020


Despite most college students being at very low risk of becoming seriously sick from coronavirus, much less dying from it, colleges across America have implemented extreme, often prison-like, restrictions on campuses in the name of countering coronavirus. These restrictions can make college a drag. The restrictions even can put students at risk of serious injury or death arising from a fire in their dorms or other campus buildings.

A Thursday article at Spiked discusses two instances where colleges, one in America and one in Great Britain, advised students to follow, when evacuating a building, rules supposedly designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus even though doing so could put the students at greater risk of death or injury. The article points to Manhattan College in America advising students to “social distance” when evacuating a building and the University of York in Britain advising those students who are required under coronavirus rules to self-isolate to “‘stay in your room for one minute’ if fire alarms go off, allowing those who are not self-isolating to exit the building” first.

Oh brother. In a supposed effort to protect students from a way overblown threat from coronavirus that is unlikely even to be transferred due to close proximity of people in the short amount of time it takes to evacuate a building, colleges can put students in real danger from fire.
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Schiff v. Ratcliffe: DNI Reports That Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Not Believed To Be Part Of A Russian Disinformation Campaign

Jonathan Turley Oct 19, 2020


Recently, we discussed how House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff stated publicly that the recently disclosed laptop information from Hunter Biden was clearly part of a Russian intelligence operation. This morning, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, stated categorically that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not part of a Russian disinformation campaign. 

What is most notable is that Ratcliffe has stated that Schiff and his Committee were given that conclusion by the intelligence community. The incident has raised lingering criticism of Schiff who previously told the public that he had clear evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after that allegation was rejected in repeated investigations, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Schiff never produced the incriminating evidence and later it was shown that the widely cited Steele dossier was based on a source who was considered to be a Russian agent.

There is ample reason to suspicious about the timing of this disclosure. However, I have written that this serious concern is separate from the question of whether the emails are fabricated. The Biden campaign has not given the most obvious responses to such a scandal. It is important to keep in mind that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were actually hacked by Russian intelligence but the underlying emails were true.
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A Peace and Prosperity Blog

Twitter Cracks Down on President Trump’s Coronavirus Advisor Scott Atlas for Opposing Masks
“Masks work? NO” began a Saturday Twitter post by Scott W. Atlas, a top coronavirus advisor for President Donald Trump.
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Talking Around the Biggest Political Story the Media Want to Hide... With RPI's Daniel McAdams
Are we back in the USSR? RPI's Daniel McAdams joins The Gaggle's Peter Lavelle to discuss the biggest political story in the United States - and why no one dares even utter the names of the key players...
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Ron Paul, Featured Speaker at November Event
The Ludwig von Mises Institute is putting on an event on November 7 in Angleton, Texas at which prominent libertarian communicator Ron Paul will be the featured speaker. The event, titled Symposium with Ron Paul, is hosted by Lew Rockwell and Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute. Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, will also speak at the event.
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Ron Paul’s Mixed Review of Donald Trump’s Presidency
Libertarian communicator Ron Paul, at the start of a new interview at, gave a mixed review of Donald Trump’s actions as president.
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Will Indiana’s Donald Rainwater Win a Record-breaking Libertarian Party Governor Candidate Vote Total?
Indiana’s Republican Governor Eric J. Holcomb has lost support from many individuals who months back would be counted as within his solid base of support for his reelection in the upcoming November election. Much of the reason for this loss of support appears to arise from two facts.
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