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Combating 'Skepticism': Federal Grant Funds New Effort to Combat 'Misinformation'

Jonathan Turley Mar 23, 2023


We have been discussing a comprehensive effort by the Biden Administration to blacklist or censor citizens accused of “disinformation” or “misinformation.” This effort includes dozens of FBI agents and other agency employees who worked with social media companies to bar or suspend accounts. It also included grants to academic and third party organizations to create blacklists or pressure advertisers to withdrew support for conservative sites.
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Free will trumps determinism in Gulf politics

Melkulangara Bhadrakumar Mar 23, 2023


China’s mediation to normalise Saudi-Iranian diplomatic ties has been widely welcomed internationally, especially in the West Asian region. A clutch of unhappy states that do not want to see China stealing a march on any front, even if it advances the cause of world peace, mutely watched. 

The US led this pack of dead souls. But the US is also on the horns of a dilemma. Can it afford to be a spoiler? Saudi Arabia is not only the fountainhead of petrodollar recycling — and, therefore, a pillar of the western banking system — but also America’s number one market for arms exports. Europe is facing energy crisis and the stability of the oil market is an overriding concern. 

Saudi Arabia has shown remarkable maturity to maintain that its “Look East” policy and the strategic partnership with China do not mean it is dumping the Americans. Saudis are treading softly.

After all, Jamal Khashoggi was a strategic asset of the US security establishment; the US is a stakeholder in the Saudi succession and it has a consistent record of sponsoring regime changes to create pliable regimes.  

Yet, the fact remains that the Saudi-Iranian deal drives a knife into the heart of the US’ West Asian strategy. The deal leaves the US and Israel badly isolated. The Jewish lobby may show its unhappiness during President Biden’s bid for another term. China has stolen a march on the US with far-reaching consequences, which signifies a foreign policy disaster for Biden.
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Anti-War Views Criminalized in Germany

Diana Johnstone Mar 22, 2023


Divide and rule is the eternal law of Empire. 

Above all, don’t let other big guys get together. Keep them at each other’s throats. Half a century ago, stuck in the unwinnable Vietnam war, President Richard M. Nixon heeded Henry Kissinger’s advice to open relations with Beijing in order to deepen the split between the Soviet Union and China.

But which big guys, and when? Priorities have evidently shifted. Eight years ago, America’s most influential, private geostrategic analyst, George Friedman, defined the current dominant US divide et impera priority, at work in Ukraine.

“The primordial interest of the United States is the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united, they’re the only force that could threaten us,” Friedman explained. 

Russia’s main interest has always been to have a neutral buffer zone in Eastern Europe. But the US purpose is to build a hostile cordon sanitaire from the Baltic to the Black Sea, as a definitive barrier separating Russia from Germany.
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Hersh Strikes Back! CIA Planted Bogus Nord Stream Sabotage Story.

Mar. 23 - Legendary investigative journalist Seymore Hersh is back with another blockbuster claim: The strange visit of the German chancellor to DC was to brief him on a CIA cover story meant to distract from Hersh's claims that Biden green-lighted the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines! Also today: Why is Washington so uninterested in China's plan for peace in Ukraine? Finally - 20 years later some Republicans still cannot let go of the use of force authorization. Watch today's Liberty Report:


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The War on Marijuana is Hitting American Trucking
Marijuana is legal for medical or general (recreational) use by adults in most American states, but a truck driver can still lose his job because a United States government mandated routine drug test indicates he used marijuana.
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About Oklahoma Voters Rejecting the Recreational Marijuana Legalization Initiative
In a Tuesday statewide Oklahoma election, State Question 820 that would have legalized recreational marijuana in Oklahoma was rejected when 62 percent of votes were cast against it.
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Donald Trump in New Campaign Video is Following Through on Running as the Peace Candidate
On February 8, I wrote about indications that Donald Trump may run as the peace candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. Concluding, I commented, “We’ll see if Trump follows through with this campaign strategy.” This week, the Trump campaign released a new video of Trump speaking about matters related to war and peace. The video indicates that Trump is indeed following through on that peace candidate campaign strategy.
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When President Grover Cleveland Rejected Congressional Pressure for War against Spain
During the Tuesday episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, host Ron Paul answered questions that viewers had submitted. In the process of answering one of the questions, Paul mentioned that there was an instance in which President Grover Cleveland, who Paul has praised before, stood up against congressional pressure for the United States to go to war.
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Speeches from the Sunday Rally in Washington, DC Opposing US Involvement in the Ukraine War
On Sunday, a collection of opponents of the United States government’s involvement in the Ukraine War spoke at a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.
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