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The COVID Mania era highlights the shortcomings of democracy

Jordan Schachtel Jan 15, 2022


Democracy will not protect us. If the era of COVID Mania has showcased one thing about democracy, it’s that the system we were brought up to worship and instinctively defend is no guarantor of our rights whatsoever. Far from securing our liberties, pure or representational democratic systems — as the foundation of over 100 governments — has instead been used in this era as a cudgel to impose totalitarianism on the masses.
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Chasing our own tails has become the new pandemic

Daniel Horowitz Jan 15, 2022


The hospitals throughout America are stressed and stretched thin. No, unlike during other times of the pandemic, there is not a flood of people coming in with blood clotting and respiratory distress. According to doctors throughout the country, they are stressed from endless testing of a mild virus, which creates logistically consuming quarantines and strains due to all of the staff who must quarantine, not to mention all those fired for not getting the shot that doesn’t work. Thus, the entirety of the strain on the hospitals now is coming from the response to the virus, not the virus itself. When will we finally flatten the curve of fear?

Within several weeks, it became apparent from South Africa and some European countries that barely anyone got clinically ill from Omicron. Yet, of course, in America, everything must always be different, or so we are told. Mask mandates are being brought back, the panic levels are through the roof, and the establishment is doubling and tripling down on the vaccines that quite literally don’t stop the virus. But now, two years into this virus, some media sources are finally reporting the truth about the COVID hospitalization numbers.
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The Failure Of This Week's US-NATO-Russia Meetings Make War More Likely

Moon of Alabama Jan 15, 2022


In the late 1990s the US military-industrial-media complex lobbied the Clinton administration to extend NATO. The sole purpose was to win more customers for US weapons. Russia protested. It had offered to integrate itself into a new European security architecture but on equal terms with the US The US rejected that. It wanted Russia to subordinate itself to US whims.

Since then NATO has been extended five times and moved closer and closer to Russia's border. Leaving Russia, a large country with many resources, outside of Europe's security structure guaranteed that Russia would try to come back from the miserable 1990s and regain its former power.

In 2014 the US sponsored a coup against the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, Russia's neighbor and relative, and installed its proxies. To prevent an eventual integration of the Ukraine into NATO Russia arranged for an uprising against the coup in the eastern Ukraine. As long as the Ukraine has an internal conflict it can not join NATO.

In 2018 the Trump administration withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty which had been created under the Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan to eliminate nuclear missiles in Europe. Now the US made plans to station new nuclear missiles in Europe which would threaten Russia. These required a Russian response.
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Are You A 'Domestic Extremist'? It's Easier Than You Think!

Jan 13 - The Biden Justice Department has announced that it is setting up a new "domestic terrorism" division to monitor Americans for "extremism." How do they define it? Among other things, it's being "anti-authority." What could go wrong? Also today, voting reform...or election fixing? Bernie Sanders wants to give you a new face mask! And...major Danish newspaper apologizes to its readers for printing government covid lies. Watch today's Liberty Report:


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Glenn Greenwald Discusses the Deep State Effort to Stop Donald Trump from Pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
There was much speculation toward the end of Donald Trump’s term as president of the United States that Trump would pardon Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, or both of these men who were responsible for exposing vast amounts of wrongdoing by the US government. But, it did not come to pass.
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FDA Again Singles Out Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Shot for Danger Warning
Yet again. The United States government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week warned of a danger — this time the bleeding disorder immune thrombocytopenia — from Johnson & Johnson’s experimental coronavirus vaccine shot, while, as usual, remaining silent about dangers from competing shots from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.
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European Union Regulators and the WHO Say Quit the Coronavirus Booster Shots
Alex Berenson writes at Unreported Truths about European Union regulators and the World Health Organization (WHO) now recommending people not keep taking boosters of experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots.
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The CDC Director’s Truth Telling Spree
Elle Reynolds began her Monday article at The Federalist with this observation that is sure to resonate with many people who have delved into the facts related to coronavirus and United States government-backed actions taken in the name of countering it: “The COVID bureaucracy has spent two years now preaching lies.”
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New Study Indicates Vaccine Mandates Mean Young Men are Literally Dying to Go to College
Many students are already racking up debt to pay for college. A new study indicates that, for young men who comply with colleges’ mandates that students take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots, the cost of college can also include serious sickness and death due to the shots causing heart problems.
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