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You'd Better Watch Out: The Surveillance State Has a Naughty List, and You’re On It

John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead Dec 8, 2021


Santa’s got a new helper. No longer does the all-knowing, all-seeing, jolly Old St. Nick need to rely on antiquated elves on shelves and other seasonal snitches in order to know when you’re sleeping or awake, and if you’ve been naughty or nice.
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Is The 'Workaround' Working? Fourth Court Enjoins Biden Vaccine Mandate

Jonathan Turley Dec 8, 2021


A US district court in Georgia became the fourth court to enjoin a Biden Administration vaccine mandate this week. As with the other trial and appellate courts, District Judge R. Stan Baker found that President Biden has exceeded his authority in mandating the vaccine for all federal contractors. In the meantime, outgoing New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has ordered all private workers to be vaccinated. All of these mandates are on course for a showdown in the Supreme Court where three justices have already expressed skepticism over the mandates.

Biden issued an executive order on Sept. 9 that required contractors to ensure that their workers are vaccinated against Covid and enforcing mask and social distancing policies. Contractors were given until Dec. 8 to comply but that was later extended to Jan. 4.

The US District Court for the Southern District of Georgia granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the Associated Builders and Contractors, a national trade group that represents the construction industry. To do so, the court had to find that the challengers were likely to prevail on the merits in arguing that President Biden does not have this authority under the Procurement Act.
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US Hegemony Doesn't Make The World More Peaceful, It Makes It More Dangerous

Caitlin Johnstone Dec 8, 2021


A Republican senator who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee stated on a Tuesday Fox News appearance that he strongly supports keeping US military action on the table if Russia invades Ukraine, up to and including a first-use nuclear attack.

“I would not rule out military action," Senator Roger Wicker told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. "I think we start making a mistake when we take options off the table. So I would hope the president keeps that option on the table.”

“What does military action mean, senator?” Cavuto asked.

“Well, military action could mean that we standoff with our ships in the Black Sea and we rain destruction on Russian military capability,” the senator replied. “It could mean that. It could mean that we participate – and I would not rule that out – I would not rule out American troops on the ground. You know we don’t rule out first-use nuclear action. We don’t think it will happen. But there’s certain things in negotiations – if you’re going to be tough – that you don’t take off the table."

Wicker emphasized that his position was entirely bipartisan.
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Last Chance for Ron Paul's Mini-Book!

Strike Three! Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Contractor Mandate

Dec 8 - Biden's vaccine mandates continue to drop like flies, with a US Federal Judge in Georgia yesterday blocking the Administration's Federal contractor vax mandate nationwide. Previously the Medicare and OSHA mandates have been blocked nationwide. Key question: the Administration has admitted these mandates are a "work-around" from Constitutional limitations - isn't that illegal? Also today: you'll never guess which states have the highest Covid hospitalizations. And...get ready for your six doses per year! Watch today's Liberty Report:


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Three Strikes! Judge Nukes Biden's Federal Contractor Mandate
Today may well mark the day the Biden Administration's Covid tyranny suffers a fatal blow. U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker issued a nationwide block on Biden's mandate that all US government contractors and subcontractors - some 25 percent of the US work force - must take the experimental Covid shots.
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Patrick Buchanan on the Tense Situation Between the United States and Russia Concerning Ukraine
The tense situation between the United States and Russia governments concerning Ukraine is a topic of much discussion in the media recently, including in today’s episode of the Ron Paul Institute’s daily video program.
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Injunction on President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Medical Workers Goes Countrywide
Writing Monday regarding a United States district court that day ordering, in the case of Missouri v. Biden, an injunction on the implementation and enforcement of President Joe Biden’s mandate that millions of health care workers take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots, I suggested that that order that applies in ten states may be a step toward a countrywide suspension of the mandate.
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Another Court Knocks Down a President Biden Vaccine Mandate, Enjoining the Mandate on Employees of US Government Contractors
Earlier this month, in response to a United States appellate court’s preliminary injunction order, the US government suspended implementing and enforcing President Joe Biden’s mandate regarding employees of companies with 100 or more employees taking experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots.
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Good News For Christmas: Biden's Mandate Keeps Losing In Court
From California eastward, US courts keep ruling against President Biden's attempt to force Americans to take the experimental virus shots. And the President has been forced to quietly back off of his threat to fire Federal workers who refuse the jab. Is freedom winning? Also today, leading expert says new variant may spell the end of Covid-19 altogether! Watch today's Liberty Report...
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