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Adam Dick

Ron Paul Challenged the Coronavirus Tyranny from the Beginning


Thursday was three years since President Donald Trump announced the “15 days to slow the spread” campaign that played a big role in propelling the use of new expansive government powers to limit the exercise of freedom in the name of countering coronavirus. The campaign both did not slow the spread and did not end after 15 days. What it did do was help grow and maintain tyrannical policies of the United States, state, and local governments that were marketed as based in science and promoting of health but that in reality were grounded in pseudoscience and harmful to health.

While innumerable media pundits and politicians were jumping before any available microphone to expound their commitment to use government to bludgeon the people in the name of countering coronavirus, a smaller group of individuals, ignored by the big money media and censored on social media, was warning of the dire consequences of the plethora of government mandates being put in place across America. Among them was libertarian communicator Ron Paul, founder and chairman of the Ron Paul Institute.
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Woody Harrelson, Saturday Night Live, and Ridiculing Coronavirus Tyranny


Throughout the coronavirus scare, Saturday Night Live repeatedly ducked the opportunity to ridicule mandates that, in the name of countering coronavirus, proliferated in America and across the world. Instead, skits on the NBC TV comedy show repeatedly praised the authoritarian measures and scorned people who opposed those measures or who challenged the supporting “science” propounded by government and big money media “experts” that has proven to have been wrong across the board.

Saturday Night Live had a reputation as a comedy show willing to make jokes challenging those holding political power. In years preceding the coronavirus scare, the show had developed a much heavier bias in favor of the liberal and Democratic end of American politics. Yet, it still took shots at politicians and views across the political spectrum.

When the exercise of power went into overdrive with the imposing of draconian measures including stay at home orders, mask and “vaccine” mandates, vaccine passport requirements, and the forced closing of stores, offices, churches, schools, sports venues, and other places people could interact in person, the jokes challenging such exercises of authority did not materialize. Instead of challenging team tyranny, Saturday Night Live joined in promoting it. This choice was particularly interesting because it deprived the show of much good material for skits. Making the show funny was placed on the back burner.
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Government is the ‘Victim’ of Doctor Accused of Giving Out Coronavirus Vaccine Cards Without Shots


This week, the United States Department of Justice charged in a Utah federal court Michael Kirk Moore, Jr. — a medical doctor — and three other individuals with crimes. The so-called crimes arise from allegation that the individuals helped adults who did not want to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots obtain cards verifying they had taken the shots when shots were instead destroyed, as well as that the individuals provided cards verifying shots along with the injecting of saline shots instead of coronavirus shots into children, all at the request of the children’s parents.

Vaccination record cards provided to patients would have allowed them to keep their jobs and continue participating in normal activities of life in the face of vaccine mandates and vaccine passport requirements.

This prosecution is all about a victimless crime. Nobody was hurt. Rather, the patients received what they wanted — verification of shots receipt placed in their hands, plus no coronavirus shots injected in their arms.

But the US government is not letting the absence of victims among the doctor’s patients stop it from prosecuting.
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CDC Blames Life Expectancy Decrease on Coronavirus, Ignores Contribution of Coronavirus Shots and Government Coronavirus Policies


Even long after most people have left the coronavirus scare behind, you can count on the United States government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to keep the coronavirus fearmongering going. The latest example of this is the CDC’s Thursday report “Mortality in the United States, 2021” blaming coronavirus for much of the decrease in life expectancy for Americans registered for the years 2020 and 2021. Ignored in the report is the great contribution to this dire development apparently caused by federal, state, and local government policies taken in a supposed effort to counter coronavirus, including the harmful effects of experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots that government officials routinely and falsely touted as “safe and effective.”

The drop in life expectancy the CDC reports is significant — a decrease of 1.8 years in 2020 and an additional 0.6 years in 2021, bringing the life expectancy of Americans down to 76.4 years. Covid-19 is listed in the report as the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. But nowhere mentioned are deaths caused by government actions taken in the name of countering coronavirus, including deaths caused by the coronavirus shots. Indeed, the words “shot” and “vaccine” are not even mentioned in the report.

The “warp speed” fast-tracked experimental coronavirus shots never went through the normal process for judging safety and efficacy. That process itself leaves much to be desired. But, even its minimal precautions were thrown out the window to make the experimental shots quickly available and to then push them with relentless marketing and even mandates that people take the shots in order to work at their jobs and, through the imposition of vaccine passport mandates, to take part in other day-to-day activities.
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Presidents Trump and Biden Keep John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Secret


Fifty-nine years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. These many years later, the United States government continues to hold in secret piles of information related to the assassination.

After the popular theatrical run of director Oliver Stone’s movie JFK that dramatically challenged the Lee Harvey Oswald as “lone gunman” explanation for Kennedy’s assassination, the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 became law. It created the Assassination Records Review Board tasked with reviewing and releasing records held by the US government related to the assassination. While some US government records have since been released, others remain hidden away.

On December 15, the remaining Kennedy assassination records are scheduled for release. But, don’t get your hopes up. Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) President and Kennedy assassination researcher Jacob G. Hornberger predicts in an October 21 FFF article that President Joe Biden will, like President Donald Trump did in 2017 when the deadline for release of the final materials first occurred, refuse to let the public see all the information. Indeed, Biden already did so once in 2021 when the secrecy extension period Trump had set for the remaining records passed.
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Elements of Donald Trump’s Presidential Agenda Revealed in His Candidacy Announcement Speech


Speaking Tuesday before an audience of supporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Donald Trump presented an hour-long speech announcing that he is running in the 2024 general election to regain the United States presidency. Trump used the speech to provide an introduction to aspects of the agenda he says he will pursue as president.

The first half of Trump’s speech was largely consumed with talk about other matters including criticism of President Joe Biden, promotion of Trump’s past presidency, discussion of the 2022 midterm election, predictions of particular goals to be accomplished due to undefined actions he would pursue as president, and rhetorical flourishes.

Then, in the second half of the speech, Trump addressed what he termed “just the beginning of our national greatness agenda” that he would seek to implement should he assume the presidency in after the 2024 election.

Below are Trump’s comments from the speech outlining aspects of that presidential or “national greatness” agenda.
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Jill Biden’s Taco Simile Brouhaha: Reality as Satire


Has peak “woke” arrived? The tale of United State First Lady Jill Biden reacting to criticism from an ethnic journalists organization by apologizing for using a simile involving tacos is the kind of humorous satiric story you might find in a Sinclair Lewis novel. It is also reality in America of 2022.
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Joe Biden and Other Politicians, not Coronavirus, Caused Children’s Educations to Suffer


President Joe Biden declared Tuesday at Twitter: “Due to the pandemic, kids are behind in math and reading.” This is yet another example of politicians’ blame shifting we have seen throughout the coronavirus scare. Kids in America have fallen behind in their educations during the coronavirus scare, but not because of coronavirus. They have fallen behind because of coronavirus crackdown actions supported by Biden and many other politicians in the name of protecting students, teachers, and staff at schools from coronavirus that did not improve safety but did interfere with students’ ability to learn.

Since early on in the coronavirus scare it was known that children tended to be in miniscule danger from serious sickness or death from coronavirus. It was also known that, at schools, teachers and other adults tended not to get coronavirus from students. Yet, most American politicians with control over education policy did not say that “for the children” schools would be kept open and continue operating normally, something that was done in other countries and a few places in America without problems. Instead, as politicians are apt to do, they used the “for the children” plea as an excuse to wreak havoc. They shut down schools, then replaced them to some extent with dysfunctional attempts at virtual education, and ultimately reopened the schools in an absurd and menacing manner.
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American Secession


On Independence Day, many Americans think about, at least briefly, the American Revolution. One important thing they should consider in this reflection is that the American Revolution is misnamed. A more appropriate name would be the American Secession.

And an appropriate question for now, when the power of the United States government and Americans’ dissatisfaction have become immense, is whether the time is right for another American Secession.

The misnamed American revolutionaries were not seeking to replace the king or parliament in Great Britain. That is what revolutionaries would seek. Instead, they wanted their respective colonies to become independent of the control of Great Britain — to secede.

Indeed, this American Secession could even be thought of as the Thirteen Secessions, pursued at the same time by thirteen separate colonies of Great Britain. There was coordination among colonies, and people from different colonies did at times fight together against Great Britain’s military. But, the secessions were pursued for individual colonies, not some overarching American government.
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