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Adam Dick

Can Anthony Fauci Legally Accept His Million Dollar Prize?


Last week, it was reported that Anthony Fauci, the director of the United States government’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor for President Joe Biden, was chosen to receive a Dan David Prize. Included in the award is a one million dollars payment, ten percent of which is set aside for scholarships to be given out at Fauci’s direction while the rest is available for Fauci to use as he pleases.
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President Biden Says the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines are Safe. The Vaccines’ Fact Sheets Say Something Very Different.


Via a Monday Twitter post, President Joe Biden made an unqualified assertion that the experimental coronavirus vaccines, which are not even vaccines under the normal meaning of vaccines, the United States government is encouraging Americans to take are “safe” for everyone. However, taking a look through the fact sheets for recipients and caregivers regarding the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna experimental coronavirus vaccines, available at the website of the US government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you find a very different representation.

These fact sheets warn that there are many known health risks of taking either vaccine and that there are also other potential health risks that remain unknown because the experimental vaccines went through rushed and incomplete testing.

Biden stated the following in his tweet:
If there’s one message I want to cut through to everyone in this country, it’s this: The vaccines are safe.

For yourself, your family, your community, our country — take the vaccine when it’s your turn and available. That’s how we’ll beat this pandemic.
Wow. It would be absurd to make such a claim even about the many vaccines that have gone through complete regular testing. There is a basis for arguing taking such injections for many people can be expected to provide greater benefit than detriment. But, to say outright that those vaccines are safe for any particular person is to give false assurance. And to say outright that they are safe for everyone is preposterous.
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Doctors, Normal and Abnormal


There seem to be few normal doctors around anymore. Try to have an appointment with many doctors over the last few months and they will demand that you put a mask over your nose and mouth — supposedly to block coronavirus transmission. You’d think, given they are doctors, they would know that there are health risks from you doing so and that it is not established that you doing so provides any net protection against coronavirus. Yet, they demand away. This is abnormal behavior.
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I Want My MTV (Maskless Television)


I don’t watch TV much, but when I do, I want my MTV.

Decades back that was often the case too. Then, the letters of the channel MTV stood for music television. In those days long past the channel played music videos most of each day. Now, I want my MTV again, this time with the letters standing for maskless television.

It is bad enough to see people wearing dehumanizing masks covering their faces from the nose down because they are bowing to social and government pressure, they want to demonstrate their membership in the “wear your mask” clique, or they wrongly believe dual dubious conclusions that “the science” demonstrates wearing masks slows the spread of coronavirus and that slowing the coronavirus spread itself is a very, very important objective. (One thing that is clear from science is that mask wearing can cause physical and mental harm.)

I watch TV largely for escape and entertainment. And, like many people, I have two related tendencies regarding masks on TV: I want escape from seeing people wearing masks, and I find mask wearers unentertaining.

But, turn on the television and people wearing masks are likely to be on the screen.
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Joe Biden: I Do Not Want a National Shutdown; I Just Want a National Shutdown.


During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden declared that he would be ready and willing as president to follow the recommendation of scientists to shut down the country in the name of countering coronavirus. Then, on Thursday, Biden insisted he would not, as president, impose a national shutdown.

But, it turns out Biden, in his Thursday comments, was just playing a word game. He defined “shutdown” such that it describes something no government has undertaken in the name of countering coronavirus and something very different from what most people understand the term “shutdown” to mean in this context. Then Biden proceeded to describe the actions he wants to take that fall right in line with shutdowns governments have imposed and with what people generally understand as a coronavirus-related shutdown.

On Thursday, when a reporter had just begun asking a question by restating Biden’s earlier declaration about shutting down the country, Biden interrupted, insisting that his previous declaration was just a hypothetical.
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Newly Increased Coronavirus Crackdowns in Europe, a Preview of What Joe Biden Wants for All of America


Across Europe, supposedly in reaction to rises in the numbers of coronavirus cases, many national governments are imposing increased crackdowns that severely restrict the exercise of liberty. These coronavirus cases are in large part derived from testing that produces many false positives and that is often conducted on relatively young and healthy people who have very little risk of dying or even becoming seriously sick from a coronavirus infection.
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College Coronavirus Madness Can Put Students at Risk of Dying in Fires


Despite most college students being at very low risk of becoming seriously sick from coronavirus, much less dying from it, colleges across America have implemented extreme, often prison-like, restrictions on campuses in the name of countering coronavirus. These restrictions can make college a drag. The restrictions even can put students at risk of serious injury or death arising from a fire in their dorms or other campus buildings.

A Thursday article at Spiked discusses two instances where colleges, one in America and one in Great Britain, advised students to follow, when evacuating a building, rules supposedly designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus even though doing so could put the students at greater risk of death or injury. The article points to Manhattan College in America advising students to “social distance” when evacuating a building and the University of York in Britain advising those students who are required under coronavirus rules to self-isolate to “‘stay in your room for one minute’ if fire alarms go off, allowing those who are not self-isolating to exit the building” first.

Oh brother. In a supposed effort to protect students from a way overblown threat from coronavirus that is unlikely even to be transferred due to close proximity of people in the short amount of time it takes to evacuate a building, colleges can put students in real danger from fire.
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President Trump Said on October 5, Do Not ‘Be Afraid of Covid’ or ‘Let It Dominate Your Life.’ Many Republicans Already Thought Along Those Lines.


On October 5, President Donald Trump commented at Twitter that he would be leaving later that day from Walter Reed Medical Center where he had received medical treatment related to his having been infected with coronavirus. In the tweet, Trump also stated: “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”
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Kudos to Van Morrison and Eric Clapton for Trying to Save Live Music


Coronavirus crackdowns have been devastating to live music performances. Venues have been shut down. Large gatherings have been banned. Even when venues have been allowed to reopen, they have been subjected to occupancy limits and other restrictions that can prevent profitable operation. Watching a show while wearing a mask and trying to “social distance” can be a drag.

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are two marquee musicians who are saying enough already with the restrictions — let venues operate, musicians perform, and concertgoers attend performances normally.

For Morrison, the effort to save live music is about supporting freedom. He explains at his website:
I’m not telling people what to do or think, the government is doing a great job of that already. It’s about freedom of choice, I believe people should have the right to think for themselves.
In addition to speaking out for the return of music venues being able to operate at full capacity, Morrison has been taking actions to save live music including putting on a series of government restrictions compliant concerts where Morrison can challenge the coronavirus mandates in addition to performing his songs. For example, Louis Chilton reported this week at The Independent that Morrison “brought a cardboard cutout of [British] prime minister Boris Johnson holding a coronavirus warning sign on stage during a recent live performance” in London. The mocking action is in response to Johnson’s implementing of a particularly harsh coronavirus crackdown in Great Britain.
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