Month: July 2013

Jennifer Rubin’s Panic Attack

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald has a piece out this week that covers the big shift taking place in major public opinion against NSA surveillance. For the first time since 9/11, Americans are starting to get concerned about what has been going on under the radar. This...

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The American Surveillance State Is Here. Can It Be Evaded?

Japan Must Face Up To China

photo: guccio@文房具社World War II has never really ended for Japan. Sixty-eight years after the battleship US “Missouri” sailed into Tokyo Bay to receive the surrender of the Japanese Empire, Japan still behaves like a meek, defeated nation rather than one of the world’s...

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The Rise of SWAT

In a KERA Radio interview this week, investigative reporter Radley Balko provides an informative overview of the the history of police SWAT teams in the United States. Balko addresses factors that have contributed to the rise of SWAT including the war on drugs, civil...

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