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RPI Peace and Prosperity 2018 Conference: Media & War!


On Saturday, August 18th, proponents of peace and prosperity will gather again in Washington, DC, to call for a change in our foreign policy, to get the latest on the war on the independent media, to hear thoughtful and inspiring speakers, and to make new acquaintances and re-connect with old ones. Yes, the Ron Paul Institute is coming back to town!

The third annual Ron Paul Institute Washington, DC, Peace and Prosperity Conference includes a special focus on the symbiosis between the mainstream media and the warfare state. How does the mainstream media promote war and how does the war machine promote the mainstream media? How do the militarist interventionists collude with the mainstream media to prevent alternative media from having a voice? Remember "PropOrNot"? The Atlancic Council? "Hamilton 68"? How does the US government misuse its citizens' money to propgandize them into supporting endless, winless, pointless wars? To propagandize them into viewing any alternative media questioning the permanent warfare state as "unpatriotic" or even "agents of a foreign power"?

As always, the RPI summer conference will feature the most prominent, enlightening, and even entertaining experts in the field to present the case for peace and prosperity. In addition to several solo speeches, including by former US Rep. Ron Paul, Mises Institute founder Lew Rockwell, former CIA officer Ray McGovern (recently arrested for protesting the appointment of "Bloody" Gina Haspel to head the CIA), and more, this year's conference will feature three expert panel discussions to add a dynamic component to the event. Panel discussions will include prominent former military officers discussing the US global military empire and how it undermines our security and moral compass at home, a panel on the mainstream media's collusion with the national security state to destroy alternative voices, and a lunchtime panel of former Ron Paul Congressional staffers on how to build coalitions that work. The media panel will be introduced with a very special appearance by "Rogue Journalist" Caitlin Johnstone.

By popular demand, we are reinstating our "early bird" ticket prices for a limited time, so get your tickets right now and save some money!

Are you traveling from out of town? We've managed to get a great room rate at the Marriott of just $89 per night - but rooms are limited so book yours right away. There is a link on the main conference ticket sales page to get your discounted room.
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