Woke Wonk Elizabeth Warren’s Foreign Policy Team is Stacked with Pro-War Swamp Creatures

Afghanistan Papers

Unfortunately, the blockbuster report known as the Afghanistan Papers has not received nearly as much coverage by most of the national news media as it deserved. Overshadowed by impeachment news and perhaps a touch of professional media jealousy, most people outside...

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FBI-Gate? #ReleaseTheMemo

Though dead-enders can't let go, the fact is "Russia-gate" is on the wane for lack of any kind of evidence. But what has emerged to take its place looks more like "FBI-gate," with senior officials seemingly plotting to prevent Donald Trump from taking office and then...

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Undiplomatic Power

Is Samantha Power an excellent US ambassador to the United Nations? Is she putting America's best foot forward? RPI Executive Director Daniel McAdams joins veteran journalist Patrick Smith and former US intelligence community linguist Scott Rickard to discuss how...

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$100 Million to Sink Iran Peace Effort

Will Congress be swayed (or threatened) enough by the neocons and AIPAC to defeat the Iran agreement? Will US media propaganda turn the current majority in favor of the agreement to a majority opposed? What happens if the US backs out of the deal? Will the other major...

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ISIS in Texas?

Media headlines this morning were stark and shocking: ISIS behind Texas attacks! But how credible is this claim and how credible is the organization making the claim? Also, how is it that at least one of the perpetrators has been under FBI surveillance since 2006 yet...

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Who Lost Iraq and Syria?

ISIS is nearly in control of Iraq's largest oil refinery and a newly-branded al-Qaeda in Syria has taken Idlib and other significant cities. If ever there were an example of intervention gone wrong, these two countries are it. The US Iraq invasion was supposed to...

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Patriot Act Reform: A Hoax

With key provisions of the PATRIOT Act expiring at the end of this month, Congress is scrambling to keep these provisions on the books while making it seem like they are reforming the original Act to better protect our civil liberties. The USA FREEDOM Act is being...

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Jade Helm: A Military Takeover?

Why are US special forces holding a massive exercise in the US southwest this summer? Is it something civil libertarians should be worried about? The Texas governor announced that the Texas State Guard would be monitoring US military moves in Texas. Was it a smart...

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Who's Starving Yemen's Children?

This week Saudi Arabia bombed an airfield in Yemen to prevent an Iranian aid plane from landing. Yemen's population is suffering severe food and water shortages after five weeks of US-backed Saudi bombing. As Ron Paul says in his latest Liberty Report below, this is...

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