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McCain: 'Vote For Berlin Wall!'

Sen. John McCain is promoting the so-called immigration bill (S.744) in the United States Senate by emphasizing it will create "the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall." Apparently, McCain believes this argument will convince other senators to vote for the legislation. The "border-industrial complex" we have been warned about is out in the open.

By the way, the militarization for "border security" goes far beyond the immediate border. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) presents a chilling map showing what the ACLU terms "The Constitution-Free Zone of the United States." That zone includes every place in the United States within 100 miles of a border—including international coastlines. Within this area, where the ACLU estimates two-thirds of US residents live, the US Border Patrol, whose funding and employee levels the Senate immigration bill dramatically increases, and other US government entities exercise expanded powers to stop, search, and harass anyone.

RPI Chairman and Founder Rep. Ron Paul warned, in a 2011 presidential debate, about  the type of Berlin Wall-style proposals in the Senate's so-called immigration bill. Walls are often built to keep people in rather than keep people out, he said at the time.

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