The COVID-19 era taught us: Don’t trust, verify

by | Jul 7, 2021


The past year and a half has acted as a consistent test of our ability to process fact from fiction. Turn on the TV and you’ll surely run into a CDC or Big Pharma sponsored commercial demanding the population-wide embrace of the latest radical “solution” to the “scary virus” out there. Walk through any major American city and you’ll find yourself bombarded with advertisements and placards in both public and private spaces requesting your help with the campaign to “stop the spread” of COVID-19. With so much manipulative programming being thrown at us from every direction in life, it’s easy to get lost in the madness of these times. And we need to set our defenses to these propaganda campaigns accordingly.

The most important thing that we need to accept about this whole COVID-19 era is that so much of the information we are being flooded with is based on nothing at all. The track record of the ruling class in “stopping the spread” could not be any worse. The vast majority of the problems and the corresponding “solutions” to these problems have no basis in science and/or reason. Dig deep enough into these issues and you’ll find yourself scrambling to find how exactly the “expert” class came to adopt these supposed virus defeating strategies. Sometimes, the “consensus” comes from shoddy academic modeling or recommendations from totalitarian regimes. Other times, “The Science” comes from politically correct, woke ideologues in “elite” academic institutions who don’t even have as much as a junk model to base their findings on.

And the facts support the reality that their proposals and commands have been based on nothing from day one. From lockdowns to masks to six foot social distancing to vaccine passports and the like, every strategy imposed on us by the people in charge has done nothing whatsoever to mitigate the virus problem. The ruling class in the United States and the greater Western world has become a blend of an incompetent ideological idiocracy coupled with lying, rudderless, power-hungry sociopaths. These people have not earned our trust, they have only earned our disdain.

In this time of nonstop propaganda and manipulation, the mentality of the semi good faith notion of “trust, but verify” — the Russian proverb popularized in the West by President Ronald Reagan in the context of nuclear disarmament policy — does not fit our times. Trust, but verify was a nice adage when both sides were acting in good faith, and showing substantial, measured progress in backing their words with verifiable actions.


But during the COVID-19 era, the people in charge have consistently been acting in bad faith in pursuit of their incredible power grab. It’s much healthier, in this day and age, to simply assume the powers that be are lying to us.

When Anthony Fauci goes on air for his 4th media appearance of the day, start with the impression that he’s lying to you, because his track record certainly implies that. If someone from Gilead, Pfizer, Moderna, or one of the other Big Pharma behemoths comes to you promising a cure for COVID-19, don’t trust what they’re saying, but see if it can be verified through independent inquiry. When Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, and other Western leaders tell you about the latest “scariant” virus such as the Delta variant, assume they’re bullshitting you, because their track record says they probably are.

The era of trust, but verify is long over. In the COVID-19 era, don’t trust, verify.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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