Students for Liberty Director of Alumni Programs: Just Ending Sanctions on Venezuela ‘Would Be Foolish’

by | Dec 14, 2021


On Saturday, I wrote about Students for Liberty Chief Executive Officer Wolf von Laer and Director of Alumni Programs Jorge Jraissati’s Foreign Policy article focused on promoting that the United States government tweak the use of its sanctions against Venezuela to make those sanctions more effective in achieving changes in Venezuela that von Laer and Jraissati desire. I noted that promoting this policy change while not even mentioning the merit of just dropping the sanctions on Venezuela is peculiar for leaders of an organization that touts itself as the “largest libertarian student organization in the world.”

Here is an update. Jraissati posted Tuesday at Twitter the following response to my comments:

Hey Adam, just read your article.

Sorry to hear that you don’t agree with it.

We don’t like the sanctions either, but dropping them for nothing would be foolish. That’s a fact man.

Instead, the sanctions should be used as leverage to negotiate greater freedoms in Venezuela.

This Twitter post provides additional clarity. Leaving out of the Foreign Policy article discussion of the option of just terminating sanctions left ambiguity about the authors’ views regarding that option. For Jraissati, that ambiguity is gone.


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