Sen. Rand Paul Challenges Big Money Media’s Defining People with Differing Opinions as Liars

by | Jan 24, 2021

One of the most disturbing developments over the last few years in big money media in America is the blanket characterization of people who disagree with the big money media’s narrative on important matters as liars.

We have seen this approach in action with the repeated dismissal of people challenging any of “the science” proclaimed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or prominent government bureaucrats such as Anthony Fauci in regard to coronavirus. So bad has been this tendency that the media even followed right along to reverse its absolutist declarations regarding mask wearing when the CDC, Fauci, and others in the US government’s coronavirus message team turned on a dime regarding the matter.

Another of many areas we have seen the phenomenon is in big money media interpretation of the 2016 and 2020 presidential election results. The 2016 election results that brought Donald Trump into the presidency were repeatedly declared by big money media as undeniably tainted by Russian interference. Yet, it turned out after much investigation there was no “there” there in this accusation. Plus, a major effort within the US government to do whatever it took to peg Trump with “Russian collusion” was uncovered.

Skip forward to the 2020 presidential election and the big money media suddenly says questioning the declared results is beyond the pale, repeatedly dismissing any allegations of election wrongdoing leading to Joe Biden’s victory. That is the line host George Stephanopoulos pushed at the beginning of his Sunday This Week interview with United States Senate member Rand Paul (R-KY) at ABC. Stephanopoulos started off the interview with the following:

Senator Paul, let me begin with a threshold question for you. This election was not stolen. Do you accept that fact?

In response, Paul mentioned several apparent election problems that ‘we should get to the bottom of.’ What proceeds from there was relentless badgering by Stephanopoulos in an effort to make Paul declare the media mantra about the election. Stephanopoulos even declares to Paul, “Can’t you just say the words ‘this election was not stolen’?”

Commendably, Paul stood his ground against the berating throughout the seven-minutes interview and even discussed more reasons to suspect there were significant problems in the 2020 presidential election. Paul also, in the interview, stood up to and exposed the disturbing transition in big money media over the last few years that Stephanopoulos was demonstrating. Paul stated:

Hey, George, George, George, where you make a mistake is that people coming from the liberal side like you, you immediately say everything is a lie instead of saying there are two sides to everything. Historically, what would happen is, if I said that I thought there was fraud, you would interview someone else who said there wasn’t. But, now you insert yourself in the middle and say the absolute fact is that everything I am saying is a lie.

“Let’s have an open debate,” said Paul later in the interview. Yes, let’s.

Watch the complete interview here:


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