Ron Paul Advises How Young People Can Advance Liberty

by | Nov 29, 2016

Libertarian communicator Ron Paul has some advice for young people. “What the young people have to do is to know and understand and study and feel comfortable with the alternative to what we have, and that is understanding what a free society is all about, what the Founders tried to give us, and what we have lost,” says Paul in a recent radio interview. Knowing history and economics, Paul continues, is important for young people.

Paul offered the advice in response to a question from Israel Bennett, who co-hosted with his father Joshua Bennett a November 19 interview with Paul on KFAR radio in Fairbanks, Alaska.

But what should you do with this education once you have achieved it? Paul answers:

Some people will ask me after I speak on the campuses, ‘OK, I agree with you, I agree with you: Tell me what I have to do.’ And then I always say, ‘Just do what whatever you want to do.’

Paul elaborates that people can use their education to inform other individuals with whom they interact or in work as, for example, a teacher, a writer, or a candidate for a political office.

Paul expresses in the interview much satisfaction regarding the spread of education in the ideas of liberty, saying that he thinks “we are making great strides” with the number of people in America talking about “freedom for the individual and sound economic policies” — two of the topics Paul explores in the interview.

Listen to Paul’s complete interview here:


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