Here Lies the Mask Cult: 2020-2022

by | Apr 20, 2022


In my view, the mask regime is officially dead and buried. 

In many of our day to day lives [at least those of us who live in Free States], the mask has already become a complete afterthought. Unless you happen to be entering an airplane or a doctor’s office, there has long been no reason to have a mask signal in your possession.

[Update: following the publication of this article, The White House announced it would appeal the federal court ruling that said the CDC did not have the authority to declare the airline mask mandate]

Still, the act of donning the cloth remained a humiliating ritual for those of us who believe in human freedom. It served as a reminder of the continuing power of the Safety Regime. Moreover, it reminded us of the countless millions of lives ruined by our government, as these power-drunk actors and propagandists employed COVID Mania defense “measures” purportedly designed to fight a virus. 

The mask is many things. It is a political virtue signal, a sign of obedience, a tool for enhanced compliance, a shaming mechanism, a sign of a superiority/inferiority complex, and a constant reminder of the inhumanity of our ruling class. It had nothing to do with science.

In order for humanity to thrive, the mask cult had to meet its demise.

The airplane was the last stand for the mask cult. And on Monday, a federal judge struck down the CDC’s unconstitutional airplane mask order, which, like virtually everything else related to COVID Mania, was justified by pure quackery. Within hours, every airline in America waived their mask requirement, as did ride share companies like Uber.

In a rare instance of accurately reading the room, the White House didn’t even bother contesting the judicial order.

The last disciples of the mask cult are its most loyal.

For some time into the future, the coastal “elites” and the compliant class will continue to seethe about Americans being “allowed” to make decisions based on their own individual health assessments.

The True Believers of the mask cult will continue to mask signal until finally, they quietly accept the stupidity of continually wear a soiled piece of cloth on your face, and labeling it a scientific, sanitary endeavor.

The destruction of the mask cult was undoubtedly expedited by the handful of fearless scientists, reporters, and activists who persevered despite being targeted by the COVID Mania mob. I don’t want to start dropping names here because I’ll definitely miss someone who was vitally important to this fight, but I want to thank every single one of you for fighting the good fight.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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