Glenn Greenwald Reviews President Biden’s Decades-long Devotion to the Israel Government

by | Nov 16, 2023

“Joe Biden, of all the politicians that have come and gone in Washington over the last four or five decades, has long been one of the most stalwart and vocal and devoted supporters of the state of Israel, and not just supporters of the state of Israel, but supporters of the American policy to provide more arms and more aid to Israel than any other country by far.”

That is the conclusion Glenn Greenwald declared early in a segment of the Monday episode of his System Update news program. Providing support for this conclusion, Greenwald presented video of Biden’s comments over the last five decades as a United States senator, presidential candidate, vice president, and president. In the video of Biden’s comments, Biden delivers what Greenwald aptly sums up as “the same message over and over and over: Israel is not just our ally; it is a country to which we owe undying, unlimited loyalty.

Watch the System Update segment here:

Greenwald further noted in the segment that strong support for the Israel government is the norm among US politicians. I have written more about this in regard to Biden’s Republican opponents in the 2024 presidential election here and in regard to leaders in the US Senate and House of Representatives here and here.


  • Adam Dick

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