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Hear Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and Tom Woods from Paul’s 80th Birthday Celebration


Were you unable to make it to Ron Paul’s 80th birthday celebration on August 15? Did you attend the party and now want to hear again the speeches Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and Tom Woods delivered that afternoon to the 675 people who had gathered together in Paul’s hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas?

If you answer “yes” to either of those questions, then you are in luck: Lew Rockwell has posted on his podcast at the audio of the speeches of all three of these renowned liberty communicators.

Napolitano articulates the thoughts of many people gathered together at the event, and of many more who were unable to attend in person, when he states in the conclusion of his introduction of Paul:
In the case of Ron Paul, we have the happy warrior of human freedom who has exercised that great, bold heart of his, exuding that love of humanity and freedom more effectively, more clearly, more articulately than anybody in our era today. He is quite frankly, for those of us in the liberty movement, not only its creator in the modern era but the standard against whom all of us measure ourselves.
Woods too communicates the thoughts of many people Paul has inspired. Directing his comments to Paul, Woods says in powerful brevity:
I want to thank you above all for just being a good example. In a world where it’s so easy to become disillusioned, you have been this shining light for so many of us.
In a short podcast introduction to the speeches, Rockwell enticingly comments that Paul’s speech at the birthday party “may be the greatest speech [Paul] has ever given — not only in terms of warning us about what’s ahead, but in inspiring us as to what we can do.”

Listen here to all three great speeches from the wonderful event.
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