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Religious Tolerance of McCain's Syrian Allies

Mccain War

Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took to the pages of the Washington Post over the weekend to pound sand over President Obama's refusal to invade Syria and overthrow its government.
"President Obama specifically committed to us in the Oval Office that his strategy in Syria was to degrade the Assad regime’s military capabilities, upgrade the capabilities of the moderate opposition and shift the momentum on the battlefield"
...they whined, and then fumed that:
We have seen no indication that this commitment has been honored or implemented.
The two arch-neoconservatives employ the wooden language of that neo-Jacobin cult to raise the alarm that the Obama Administration's refusal to bomb Syria and continue to fight the battles of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East was leading to a "serious loss of credibility" for the US worldwide.

They are particularly incensed that the Administration is, horror of horrors, beginning a diplomatic dialogue with Iran instead of more sanctions and more saber rattling. No doubt they applauded the recent suggestion by megabucks neocon Sheldon Adelson that Iran needs to be nuked as a show of American resolve.

Because, of course, to Adelson and his Congressional buddies McCain and Graham nothing says "American values" like unprovoked genocidal annihilation of a foreign scapegoated race...

Speaking of McCain and Graham's disgust over the Obama administration's failure to adequately arm the two Senator's allies in Syria, here is a video that has just emerged of McCain's Syrian allies practicing religious tolerance...

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