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Karen Kwiatkowski

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RFK, Jr Is Making It Real


I was elated to find out that Joe Biden is all about my freedom, and while he didn’t have a lot of luck increasing freedom in his first three years, I’m sure that wasn’t his fault. He is running for a second term because he wants to save freedom.

Or is it democracy he wants to save – Biden interchanges the terms with abandon. I do have a small concern about the slurring of words, and the imprecise language, but come on, man! This is our moment.

I haven’t followed the GOP side of things, There are no republicans running so far, that I am aware of, with a basic and fundamental understanding of economics, and none that don’t secretly want to send my kids and grandkids to fight in some foreign country – and of course, Joe Biden wants war everywhere, right now. Funny how he didn’t mention that in his announcement.

It really does seem as if the country is polarized – but not in the way Joe said, with good people versus MAGA domestic terrorists. Believe it or not, we actually can still speak to one another, and find common ground. We do it every day – the alternative is indeed civil war, and we are not there yet.

But the polarization is real – the liberal elite corporate bureaucracy that rules the United States versus all of the rest of us who live our lives, work, produce and participate in mostly elite-orchestrated sham political action.
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If You Want Forgiveness, Emily, Here’s Your Program


Being lectured to, condemned, ridiculed and hated by elitist bullies is bad enough on a single day or for one issue.

This behavior went on for over two and a half years, for nearly a thousand days, in a thousand ways. The economic, social, interpersonal, and educational costs associated with the idiotic mandates and unscientific policies will last a lifetime for many, and certainly shortened the lifetimes of many more.

The suggestion printed by the WEF-loving, pro-war lefties at The Atlantic is that they and their global team of unscientific lemming-like nanny-state bullies – just possibly – were a bit misinformed (not their fault) in 2020/21 regarding masking, untested genetic injections, and actual death rates, etc (not their fault). This bully squad accepted without question the lies their government told them (not their fault). They not only eagerly, but radically and angrily defended and promoted those lies (partly their fault).

They hope we understand that it wasn’t entirely their fault, and that they are still smart and educated. They really just wanted to live and survive a flu-like disease with a death rate comparable to any other bad flu – and their nagging and incoherent jammering and name-calling was just so we also wouldn’t die – unless we refused the experimental free required shot and continued to live our lives and try and keep our businesses open, then if we died it was kind of funny to them.
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Bolton Leads the Way


John Bolton is calling for the quick and opportunistic assassination of Vlad Putin, and as many of his friends as possible.

Too bad we can’t just give John a rifle and send him to the Ukrainian front. He’s certainly itching to kill, much as he itched for similar murders of SaddamIran’s PresidentSyria’s AssadLibya’s Gadaffi, or Venezuela’s Maduro, and non-state “enemies” like Julian Assange,and Ed Snowden

Back when he was younger, Bolton was asked by Jon Stewart if there was anyone he wouldn’t bomb, and his answer was well, actually “No!”

Bolton’s a real professional though, and even though he was just telling the truth, he got in trouble recently when he confessed that he has lots of experience in planning and conducting coups abroad, and it’s hard work.

Some people want to assassinate John Bolton, and it makes sense. A few years ago, Tucker Carlson called him a “bureaucratic tapeworm” a phrase that says a lot, especially when you add in Tucker’s “demented.” Who doesn’t want to get rid of a tapeworm, especially the demented ones?

As a demented bureaucratic tapeworm, Bolton has damaged the United States for many years, and through several administrations. We have a long list of idiotic, costly and hateful foreign policy disasters as a result of DC’s infectation by the mustachioed mental midget. This long list of death and disaster is the result of neoconservatives, Straussians, and chicken-hawk interventionists of both parties who use him as “their” mental midget, and those who are just really impressed with his outstanding mental midgetry.
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Seven Words That Curse the State


What we say can shape how we think, and what we do. For example, the use of profanity when you stub your toe can actually help ease the pain. Trust the science on this one!

Sadly, the world is far beyond the toe-stubbing stage. But profanity by itself is not the answer. There are other words we should be using daily, words far more powerful and effective for what we face today.

For example, this week, Congressman Thomas Massie repeatedly used two words that we should keep handy, in his video explaining the idiocy of Queen Nancy and her edicts. Tyrant is one of them. Tyrant, and its pal, tyranny, show up a few times in the 1776 Declaration of Independence. People living on the North American continent were kind of frustrated with a distant, elite, grasping monarch and his aggressive Army, drunk on arrogance. The tyranny of King George, in terms of liberty and economy, was mild compared to what Americans have suffered at the hand of their own elected government since the turn of the 20th Century.

We are a very different people than those who engaged in the War of Independence. We are a less bold, less brave, less faith-filled, and less confident than those who hopped on ships and left home with whatever they could carry, knowing they would never, ever return to the place of their birth, or see their parents or their remaining family again.
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Who’s Lysenko-ing Now?


Trofim Lysenko was a government-sponsored agronomist and biologist favored by Stalin and the CCCP. By favored, I mean put in charge, given power to define the terms and settle the science, and by government edict, was not to be criticized by man or beast.

You know, like Tony Fauci.

In the Lysenko era, from 1927 through Stalin’s death in 1953, Soviet academia, media, and party publicly rejected the ideas of Darwin’s natural selection and Mendelian genetics in favor of the early 1800’s ideas of Lamarck, who believed characteristics acquired during an organism’s life could be passed on genetically to the next generation. It wasn’t until 1962 that the Soviet state formally repudiated Lysenko’s theories.

You see, Lysenko’s ideas were uniquely suited to the politics of the day in the USSR under Stalin. Not only could people be made into the perfect Soviet man or woman, but plants and animals could be good socialists as well, not competing but cooperating towards achieving political goals. From this article, we find:

Official support only spurred Lysenko’s theories or “Soviet Darwinism” to ever more absurd heights.
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Thoughts on a 'Right Wing Insurrection'


January 6th was crack cocaine for the mainstream media, Democratic politicians, and some of their most ardent supporters. As the high wears off, the post high paranoia will be a problem.

Mistrust of those around you, envisioning of enemies and evil doers behind every door, corner and mask, cowering under your congressional auditorium seats, well, we’ve all seen the pictures and the videos.

It’s scary out there!

Beyond the images of regular people sitting, boots on desk, in the Speaker of the House’s office, and beyond the lethal shooting of an unarmed protester by a Capitol policeman “defending” the already breached and swarmed capitol, there is a lot we can observe and learn about this relatively unusual event.

It wasn’t insurrection, despite endless repetitions to that effect by mainstream and left wing media. Insurrection means, “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.” What we saw was not a revolt – marchers intended to influence an upcoming actions and decisions by the Congress and the Vice President.
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An Age of Innocence, in Retrospect


Ahmed Chalabi, age 71, has died of a heart attack in Baghdad. As a close observer of his unique role in provoking the Iraq War – a foreign policy and strategic military disaster 12 years ago – I can’t help but look back on that time as an age of innocence. That may sound ironic, but I think it’s true given that many Americans now see that even elections don’t change much.

As painful as it was to watch the US government plunge into the Iraq War based on false WMD warnings – raised in part by Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress – there was still a sense of hope back then that the truth could be told and the culprits could be held accountable. That seems now to have been a naïve dream.
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Nevada: Early Lessons of Bunkerville

Bundy Protest

The rush and rapidity of events in Bunkerville, Nevada surprised and cheered many, and there is a lot to learn from this case.

It’s too soon to know the long-term impact of people standing up against armed federales last week, but here are some early takeaways.

Location matters.  This insurrection, brought on by federal government arrogance and greed, happened in part because people could get there, physically and intellectually.  Wide open rangeland (for hardy cattle and 100 year old turtles) physically and visually juxtaposed with the artificial stupidity of “free speech zones,” domesticated citizens penned in by red government tape, tell a story without words, history lessons, or politics.   The imagery brings to mind the words of one of my favorite heroes, “[T]he truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.”
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