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Jacob G. Hornberger

Our Biggest Threat


Both liberals and conservatives are convinced that the biggest threat to our freedom and well-being lies with Russia and China. And, well, also the terrorists, Muslims, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, North Koreans, Cubans, Syrians, Vietnamese, communists, Reds, and others. 

They are wrong. The biggest threat to our freedom and well-being is our very own federal government, especially the national-security branch of the federal government.

The Framers clearly understood this. That’s why the Constitution strictly limited the powers of federal officials.

Our American ancestors also clearly understood this. That’s why they demanded the enactment of the Bill of Rights. They knew that the federal government would inevitably attract people who would destroy their fundamental, God-given rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. With the Bill of Rights, they wanted to make it clear to all those future little federal power-mongers that they lacked the powers to engage in such destruction.

No Russian and no Chinese has ever infringed upon my freedom. The same holds true for all the other things that scare liberals and conservatives to death (i.e, the terrorists, Muslims, illegal immigrants, drug dealers, Cubans, North Koreans, Vietnamese, commies, Reds, Syrians, etc.)
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The US Military’s Recruiting Crisis Is a Positive Sign


A recent article in the Wall Street Journal demonstrates what a huge disaster conservatives are for our nation and for the rights and liberties of the American people. The article is entitled “The Military Recruitment Crisis Is a Symptom of Cultural Rot.” Co-written by a conservative veteran named David McCormack, the article laments the fact that fewer Americans are signing up to join the military. McCormack views this as a sign of “cultural rot” in America, a rot that, he suggests, entails a reduction of patriotism and love of country.

But McCormack is wrong. Actually, the reduced recruitments numbers are a very positive sign for our country. In fact, they might well reflect that the American people are finally waking up to the fact that America has become a military nation, one that is taking our country down from within.

Our nation was founded as a limited-government republic, one with a relatively small, basic army. If the Constitution had proposed the national-security state form of governmental structure under which we live today, there is no possibility that our American ancestors would have accepted it. That would have meant that the United States would have continued operating under the Articles of Confederation, a type of governmental structure whose powers were so weak that the federal government didn’t even have the power to tax.

Our American ancestors hated standing armies, which was the term used at that time to describe an enormous military-intelligence establishment, like the one under which all of us today have been born and raised.
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Time to Revisit the Maria Butina Case


Yesterday, I wrote about the concocted, made-up, fake crime that US officials used to incarcerate Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for some 14 years of his life, until he secured his freedom from incarceration in the trade with accused drug-law violator Brittney Griner.
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Conservative Mental Dichotomy on the Draft


The war in Ukraine has displayed a fascinating dichotomy that exists within conservatives. They uniformly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine while, at the same time, steadfastly ignoring the measures that the Pentagon took through NATO to provoke the invasion.
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What Does 'Unprovoked' Mean?


Note the following sentence in a New York Times news story yesterday by Michael Schwirtz and Anton Troianovski about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “Mr. Putin’s attempt to put a veneer of nobility on an unprovoked invasion that has killed thousands of civilians and turned millions more into refugees was made in the Russian city once known as Stalingrad, on the 80th anniversary of a victory there against Nazi Germany that changed the course of World War II.” (Italics added.)

The operative word is “unprovoked.” 

First of all, it’s a strange word for news reporters to be using because it’s more in the nature of a commentary or editorial. News reporters are supposed to report the news, and the editorial department of a newspaper is supposed to render opinions and commentary on the news. Schwirtz and Troianovski do both in their news article. 

Second, and more important, for the life of me, I cannot understand how Schwirtz and Troianovski are unable to see that Russia’s invasion was provoked. It was provoked knowingly, intentionally, and deliberately.
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Will a Crackdown Finally Win the War on Drugs?


Among the federal government’s biggest failures is the war on drugs. Despite decades of warfare, the federal government is still a long way from declaring victory. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Today, the federal government is still fiercely waging the drug war, trying as hard as it can to win.

Throughout the decades, drug warriors have lamented that federal officials just haven’t really been serious about winning the drug war. If only they would really “crack down,” the drug war would finally be won.

But what the drug warriors fail to acknowledge is that over the decades of drug warfare, federal officials have cracked down. For example, there have been the mandatory-minimum sentences, where they sent drug users, possessors, and distributors, especially blacks, to jail for inordinately long periods of time. The idea was that if enough people got locked away for much of their lives, people would be dissuaded from violating drug laws. Then the drug war would be over.

There is also asset forfeiture, which enables the DEA and state law-enforcement personnel to steal cash from people, especially blacks, who are traveling down the highway. They don’t even need to charge them with a drug offense. They just take their money from them. The idea is that if someone, especially a black, is carrying a large sum of money, it has to be from drug dealing. So, asset forfeiture was supposed to discourage people from selling drugs. Then, the drug war would be over.
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George Santos Will Be Right at Home


The mainstream press is so upset over the lies that Congressman-elect George Santos has told that they are besides themselves. In their eyes, Santos sullies the much-vaunted concept of democracy that US officials spread around the world through force of arms, a concept that pretends to result in only the most virtuous, honest people serving in government. 

Actually though, Santos will fit right into Congress and, for that matter, the entire Washington, D.C., establishment. That’s because the entire welfare-warfare state way of life has long been characterized by lies, liars, and frauds. 

Let’s look at a few examples.

James R. Clapper, Jr., served as director of the National Intelligence Agency from 1992 through 1995. He lied to Congress about the federal government’s secret, dark-side surveillance activities against the American people. He figured that his lie would never be exposed, especially by his cohorts within the national-security establishment. But much to his surprise and chagrin, his lie was exposed by Edward Snowden’s revelations. 

Mind you, Clapper didn’t just lie. He was under oath when he lied. That means he committed perjury, which is a federal criminal offense — in fact, a felony. Was he ever indicted and prosecuted? Are you kidding? He is still hailed as a patriot and a hero! The mainstream media even still turns to him for his “expert” commentary on matters relating to “national security.” They love that perjurer!
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We Must Not Forget the US War on Afghanistan


When the Pentagon used NATO to provoke Russia into invading Ukraine, it had to know that one of the great benefits to such an invasion would be that it would enrich US weapons manufacturers, who, of course, are an important, integral, and loyal part of America’s national-security state form of governmental structure. 

And sure enough, those weapons manufacturers now have a lot to be grateful for. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal: 

"The world’s biggest arms makers are scaling up production of rocket launchers, tanks and ammunition as the industry shifts to meet what executives expect to be sustained demand triggered by the war in Ukraine.

"The Pentagon has committed more than $17 billion in weapons and services to Ukraine, most of it drawn from existing stocks. It has also awarded about $3.4 billion in new contracts to replenish domestic and allies’ stocks."

The Pentagon knew that when it was forced to exit Afghanistan, where it had used a massive amount of weaponry for some twenty years to wreak death and destruction on that impoverished Third World country, its loyal army of arms manufacturers might begin to suffer. The crisis that the Pentagon has ginned up in Ukraine has clearly helped to alleviate that suffering.
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George Orwell, Call Your Venezuelan Office


It appears that the American people are being prepared for a change of mindsets. After many years of treating Venezuela as an enemy, opponent, adversary, competitor, and rival, it seems that US officials are now changing course and paving the way toward converting Venezuela to a friend, partner, and ally. 

George Orwell, please call your office in Venezuela. Now that the American people will be expected to abandon the deep hostility toward Venezuela that has long been inculcated in them, there is a strong likelihood that the US will also change its attitudes toward Eastasia and Eurasia.

Apparently the driving force behind this new change in policy is oil. The Biden administration is hoping to curry favor with the Maduro regime in the hopes that new supplies of oil can bring down the prices of that commodity. In that way, Biden can get people to see that he’s “fighting inflation,” without having to focus on the Federal Reserve’s longtime police of monetary debauchery.

Of course, this leaves Juan Guaidó out in no man’s land. He’s that Venezuelan guy that US officials have long claimed is the real president of Venezuela, even though he’s never won an election for president. Apparently their reasoning is that White House personnel, along with select members of the Pentagon and the CIA, held an election amongst themselves in which they overwhelmingly elected Guaidó president of Venezuela. But now it seems like they’re dropping him like a hot potato in exchange for oil.
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