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Ginny Garner

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Anatomy of a Police State”: Notes from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Conference


“If there was no hope at all, I would ask Daniel (McAdams) if I could hand out cyanide capsules” – speaker Jacob Hornberger

While at times it seems to many of us as if, as the 1965 Barry McGuire song goes, we’re on the eve of destruction, hundreds of high-spirited, intelligent freedom loving critical thinkers gathered on September 3rd to honor the greatest living liberty-promoting leader in their time: Dr. Ron Paul. 

Attendees at a hotel near Dulles Airport 31 miles from Washington, DC ranged from teenagers to senior citizens who had travelled from distant points across America and Canada to be in the presence of the 87-year-old revered statesman. One young couple drove from Pittsburgh and camped out the night before in a tent. A teenager from Nottingham, Virginia told me how excited she was that her parents had brought her to her first Ron Paul conference. A businessman from Maryland who listens to each and every one of Dr. Paul’s Liberty Reports broadcast Mondays through Fridays had his teenage son in tow.
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Media & War: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 2018 Conference


The heart and soul of the American antiwar movement participated in the sold-out Ron Paul Institute of Peace and Prosperity’s 2018 “Media and War” Conference on August 17 held outside Washington, D.C. Some alternative media voices have abandoned or toned down their antiwar reporting to support President Trump. The “progressive left” has abandoned its opposition to war, for instance, activists commemorating the 1968 Vietnam War protests at the Democratic National Convention have diverted the issue of peace to racism, climate change, poverty, and police violence.
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