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Davis Taylor

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Five Reasons to Reframe the Vaccine Passport Issue


1. Vaccine passports have existed in the U.S for decades.

Some of my libertarian heroes have recently stated during podcasts that vaccine passports create a caste system and that this is one reason they should be opposed. The term “caste system” accurately and brilliantly describes one of the consequences of vaccine passports. However, in the same discussions, they have characterized vaccine passports as a “new” threat to liberty. In fact, vaccine passports and their resulting caste systems have been in effect for millions of Americans for years. Unfortunately, most libertarians have overlooked this fact. Due to semantics, these passports have not been recognized for what they are.

For decades, American children have been required by state governments to “show their papers” in order to attend public school and, in some states, private school as well. Generally, the papers not only must prove that a child has been vaccinated, they also must prove that he or she has received each of the specific vaccines required by the state. Without periodically flashing this passport, children have generally not been permitted to attend school.

Exemptions exist and, in limited circumstances, have allowed attendance without the passport, but the exemptions have been rolled back, as discussed in section 2, below. (The erosion of the exemptions is also discussed in my April 26, 2020 article entitled “Central Planning of Your Immune System is Dangerous”.)

Some may view a vaccine passport requirement for school attendance to be significantly less egregious than the vaccine passports currently being proposed. If so, I would suggest that they ask a child forced to stop attending school with his or her friends due to “lack of papers” how significantly this impacted his or her life. For many children, their time interacting with friends is critical to their emotional health. We have seen evidence of this within the context of children “locked out of” their schools by COVID-19 lockdowns. Ironically, children denied school attendance due to lack of vaccination papers have received little support from the libertarian community, but those denied school attendance due to COVID-19 lockdowns have received significant support from it. There is a lack of evidence establishing that either group of children poses a danger to others.
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The Backfiring Attempted Takedown of Dr. Paul Thomas


A coordinated effort is underway to silence and discredit those putting forth any information that conflicts with the mantra that “vaccines are safe, necessary and effective” (the mantra). Big Pharma and its cronies in the state and media are at the helm of the effort. Of course, the mantra is merely a Big Pharma marketing slogan, and it’s preposterous to believe that it scientifically buttons-up the highly complex topic of vaccines and their associated diseases.

Those paying attention while this plays out are accustomed to stories of doctors and scientists whose livelihoods have been crushed after stating anything deemed to be in conflict with the mantra. Andrew Wakefield’s story is perhaps the most well-known of these but, at this point, there are too many “Wakefields” to count.

This article is about Dr. Paul Thomas and it has the familiar storyline of a doctor suffering professionally after expressing vaccine safety concerns. However, it also has another storyline which is heartening and ironic–about how two rounds volleyed against Dr. Thomas have backfired badly, arguably harming Big Pharma’s beloved mantra far more than Dr. Thomas.
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Mask Madness in Unfriendly Skies


This article is intended for those who have already researched the science regrading mask wearing and concluded that the weight of it runs counter to the conclusion that the public should wear masks as protection from COVID-19. (A wide array of scientific information indicating that universal mask wearing is unnecessary, and that any potential benefits from it are outweighed by its potential risks, has already been cited ad nauseam by other authors recently and will not be repeated here.)
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