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Ron Paul Blasts US Ukraine Policy

Speaking with RT's Sophie Shevardnadze, RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul presents a masterful, in-depth critique of the US government’s actions related to Ukraine. Among many matters discussed, Paul addresses the US government’s foolhardy imposition of sanctions as part of its Ukraine policy:

A sample from Ron Paul:
…why don't we try to see it from the other perspective – how would we react if we couldn’t import something? What if China or Russia or somebody came in and said: 'You cannot import certain things, or we’re going to prohibit you from trading?' The American people wouldn’t like that very much, and yet we too causally do that with others.

But, in principle, it’s not quite like a shooting war, but it is a war. I mean it is something that’s used in an active war, and the ultimate of is a blockade – but sanctions is a form of a blockade. Sanctions, 'you can’t do this, you can’t do that,' and I think it only leads to escalation, and the countries that had sanctions…The sanctions against Iran have been on there for a long time, and on Cuba – but the leaders never suffer. The people suffer, in both countries, so this is the reason I think that sanctions in principle are wrong.
Read a transcript here.
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