Widespread Hostility Toward TSA is Justified

by | Nov 7, 2013

Tsa Enhanced Pat Down

Journalist extraordinaire James Bovard explains in a Washington Times editorial Tuesday why, even though many in the media do not want to admit it, there is widespread and justified hostility toward the Transportation Security Administration. Bovard writes:

In the wake of last Friday’s shootings at Los Angeles International Airport, some politicians and media commentators are feigning shock at the widespread hostility toward the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). There was no justification for the shooting suspect, Paul Ciancia, to gun down three TSA agents on the job, killing one. Ciancia’s brutal rampage, though, should not obscure the fact that the TSA has perennially pushed many Americans to the breaking point.

Read the rest of Bovard’s editorial here.

In November of 2010, after the TSA rolled out frisking and porno-scanning of airline passengers just in time for Thanksgiving holiday travel, RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul introduced legislation that would have ended the enhanced harassment by removing the immunity from arrest, prosecution, and punishment enjoyed by TSA employees and others engaging in what would otherwise be illegal assaults.

Read Paul’s statement announcing the introduction of the legislation here.


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