Who Is the Institute for the Study of War?

by | Jan 27, 2023

Attention Students! Before we begin, that’s not a typographical error in the title.

Whenever one investigates a “think tank,” “study group,” “not-for-profit,” “non-governmental organization,” or other such meddlesome troublemakers it needs to start with who rather than what.

The people involved make the difference betwixt a mere charity and a nefarious character.

As will be seen below, the folks at The “Institute” For The Study Of War are about as sinister as they get.

Why Does the Establishment Sound Familiar…

If you have any interest in the Ukraine Conflict at all – or even if you are actively trying to avoid news on the topic – your senses have no doubt been assailed by a report, recommendation or review of matters breathlessly covered by the local news…brought helpfully to you courtesy of The Institute For The Study Of War.

This collective, which nobody – including most policy experts – had ever heard of until a few months ago now seems to be everywhere throughout every day.

Since the moniker sounds so very anodyne the casual viewer receiving these nightly (or hourly) dispatches might be lulled into believing the “Institute” is some leafy green Collegiate establishment where doddering old bespeckled professors hum and haw their way through lectures while wearing dusky black robes a la Mr. Chips.

Unfortunately, no.

Let’s Just Have a Look-See at this Faculty of Horror…

These are the cretins listed as top members of the “Institute” for human suffering: General Jack Keane, Kimberly Kagan, former US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft, William Kristol, former US Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Kevin Mandia, Jack D. McCarthy, Jr., Bruce Mosler, General David Petraeus, Warren Phillips, and William Roberti.

To a man – and particularly to a woman – this “Institute” is staffed by War-Mongers and War-Criminals.

They also have something else in common…take a gander.

Each and every one is involved with armaments corporations which means they – in a very literal sense – are plausibly funded by blood money.

There is not a single individual associated with this joint who is not an enemy of Mankind itself.

Okay, Time to Review the Syllabus…

Needless to say, a reputable venue for an examination of warfare would logically conclude it as the most wasteful manner in which to resolve disputes.

Thus, this “Institute” is clearly in opposition to an escalation of war in general and particularly in Ukraine…right?

What’s that you say? The “Institute” For The Study Of War is in point of fact the most vocal proponent for an expansion of hostilities? I can verily claim to be shocked by this news!

But surely, Dear Scholar, in at least some instances the “Institute” must conclude peace is the proper solution to conflict?

No again!?! You tell me as far back as 2007 the “Institute” was advocating for a “Surge” in Iraq (which did not succeed and instead got a lot more people murdered on both sides)? Nay, it cannot be so!

Who would ever have believed a military advocacy group filled with jingoes might be trying to secretly propagandize Americans to go get themselves slayed half a world away for no good reason at all?

Merely because it serves the weapons-suppliers which support their lucrative salaries (Kagan gets nearly $200,000 a year telling you to send your son off to die, by the way)?


How About Some Prior Recommendations…

If the whole “Hey look! It’s a totally new organization that’s suddenly everywhere!” theme sounds reminiscent of an earlier organization dedicated to entangling Americans in a war they didn’t need, didn’t want and in which we didn’t belong…you’re damn right.

This “Institute” is nothing less than the bastardized child of The Project For The New American Century which was earlier instrumental in martialing unsuspecting Citizens into the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. (They tried to swindle us into an Iran War as well but couldn’t quite pull it off.)

In that case another gang of criminals encouraged – some would correctly say conspired – the United States into fighting which sucked in Trillions of our Taxdollars, Cost us Ten and Twenty Years of prosperity respectively, as well as Maimed and Murdered thousands of American servicepeople.

By the way, several of The Project For The New American Century domestic-enemies (notably of the Kristol and Kagan Klans) also “coincidentally” happen to also be connected to The Institute For The Study Of War fifth-columnist anti-American brigade currently trying to finagle us once more.

Nothing to see here…now go fight and die again, Plebian Scum.

Who Exactly Funds This Campus…

So it bears inquiring who funds an “Institute” which almost has as its Mission Statement to incite conflict?

Glad you asked, Classmate, because it’s pretty important.

Some on the list are:

– DynCorp… which began by making aircraft but now functions as “private military contractor” or what some might allege is a horde of mercenary killers for hire.

– General Dynamics…which produces aircraft guns, naval gun systems and everything else to kill people.

– General Motors (GM)…which under the GM Defense subsidiary makes military vehicles. (Fun Fact: during Vietnam good ‘ol GM sent over more than 500,000 M16 rifles to make bank on the killings.)

– Raytheon…which manufactures about every missile or missile-system you can possibly comprehend, many of which are currently being funneled by corrupt Washington politicians to Ukraine…and is another coincidence of killing.

Others who spread their decadence over the organization are a series of “capital management” firms which are well-known to be paragons of virtue and who never participate in untoward activities detrimental to the average American Taxpayer or Humanity in general.

Notes In The Maidan Uprising Margin…

In case anyone out there in the Lecture Hall thinks this is all just one more wacky happenstance of history…buckle in, buddy.

When the “Maidan Uprising” occurred in Kiev it was as political coup to oust the then-Ukrainian President.

Long Story Extremely Short: The West wanted Ukraine to cozy up to them. The Russians wanted the same. The West offered nothing for this privilege. The Russians offered virtually free natural gas. The Ukraine President chose the Russians. The West organized a political coup d’état to get him out.

One way we know? There was a leaked telephone call between US Diplomat Victoria Nuland and her Western counterpart wherein they discuss what really happened and who to support in the coup.

Pop Quiz: Guess what figure is also involved in The “Institute” For The Study Of War…can you guess?…did you guess it yet?

That’s correct, Students! None other than Friend of Humanity Victoria Nuland features in the school of thought!…Victoria Nuland is – again, totally coincidentally, of course – married to Robert Kagan…who is amazingly just randomly the brother-in-law to…Kimberly Kagan, who runs the “Institute” For The Study Of How To Fool Americans Into Dying In A War In Ukraine.

Hey! I thought I already told you…nothing to see here!…Incidentally, shouldn’t you already be off dying for Kiev, you Stupid Peasant!

Higher Learning and Higher Body Counts…

So here we are a second time.

Back at commencement just before Americans were swindled into Afghanistan and Iraq by a bunch of money-mad degenerate stone-age idol worshipping adversaries of Civilization.

They craft a cutsey little title for their organization to delude you it is anything other than a front for the slaughterhouse.

Make no mistake – Kagan and her crew of brigands want to slit our throats. Their aim, to the benefit of themselves and their armament manufacturers, is nothing less than World War Three (or maybe Four as well, if they can figure out how to bring China into the maelstrom).

What is the resolution to this dilemma? That is another article for another day.

For now it is enough to recognize the Evil for what it is and what it wants.

To blind you to truth and then send you to be killed in service of eternal darkness.

Class dismissed.

Reprinted with permission from Antiwar.com.