Where Greens and Libertarians Can Agree

by | Feb 11, 2019


On Saturday, officers of the Maine state Green Independent and Libertarian parties held a press conference announcing the parties’ ten areas of agreement. The two parties note in a joint statement that the ten areas of agreement are related to the parties’ effort to work together in areas where they agree. The ten areas of agreement regard pursuing a more peaceful foreign policy, greater respect for individual rights, a more open elections process, and an end to corporate welfare.

Read here the Maine Green Independent and Libertarian parties’ ten areas of agreement:


1. End regime change wars.

2. Close down most US bases in foreign countries.

3. Terminate corporate welfare.

4. Void, via repeal, the PATRIOT Act and the 2012 NDAA provision allowing “indefinite detention” without jury trial, judge, or witnesses for the defense as flagrant violations of the U.S. Constitution.

5. Teach and enforce our Bill of Rights and give extensive training in such to law enforcement personnel.

6. Support municipal food sovereignty ordinances for farmer to consumer transactions.

7. Expand time to gather petitions for office to April 30, to minimize difficulty during the most difficult weather of the year and to allow more time.
8. Do not require caucuses to maintain ballot access in Maine.

9. Allow nomination of candidates by convention as an option.

10. In some cases vaccines have prevented deaths or serious diseases. In other cases documentation exists of fatal or lifetime debilitating injuries to people, especially infants. Accordingly, we oppose any law mandating vaccines, which fail to take into account either sovereignty over our own bodies or important medical variations including allergic reactions.

The Maine parties’ announcement is reminiscent of a press conference Ron Paul held in September of 2008 at the National Press Club with independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney, and Constitution Party presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin as his guests. At that press conference, the third party and independent candidates announced their agreement with a policy statement dealing with foreign policy, individual rights, presidential powers, the national debt, the Federal Reserve, and corporate welfare.


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