What Drives Jennifer Rubin Crazy? Iran Not Yet A Parking Lot

by | Jul 15, 2013

Neocon political commissar Jennifer Rubin is throwing a fit that the U.S. just won’t attack Iran already! In her mind, the Israelis are on the right page and the U.S. is hopeless. She writes:

The Israelis, not without justification, fear the Obama administration is so desperate to avoid a decision on military action that it will engage in endless, useless diplomacy or that it will reach a meaningless agreement that gives Iran cover to continue on its merry way toward nuclear weapons capability.

Rubin obviously has an extravagant animus towards diplomacy. But one must wonder what diplomacy she’s even referring to.

Iran’s economy has been crippled by one economic sanction after another. When the Iranians find a loophole, the U.S. attempts to close it; the most recent being for Iran to halt all gold trading.

Since when are economic sanctions (that hurt the citizens of Iran) considered “diplomacy”?

When sanctions were imposed on Iraq, it brought on the death of 500,000 Iraqi children. Then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright thought that it was “worth it”.

Are we supposed to entertain the notion that the death of 500,000 children was an act of “diplomacy”?

Actual diplomacy with Iran is yet to exist, even though the “liberal” that the US had been yearning for has won the recent election. He is shunned like his predecessor.

For Rubin, anything short of a bomb is a sign of weakness. Of course she won’t be the one doing the fighting. She won’t be the Iranian kids on the receiving end of missiles and she won’t be the Israeli kids on the receiving end of retaliatory missiles. She’ll be too busy…writing and pushing for more wars.