What an Awful Choice!

by | Jun 29, 2024

This week’s presidential debate made me both horrified and dismayed. Here was the world’s most powerful nation trying to decide which elderly candidate to select as its presidential candidate. Maybe the best expression is ‘cringe-worthy.’

Joe Biden was left looking feeble and halting before the bombastic Trump. At least Trump made some sense in what he said whether true or false. The former president’s mouth is his biggest enemy as well as his strongest point. Biden was shockingly inarticulate.

Few should doubt that President Biden is much too old for a second term. He soldiers on but clearly has lost the fire in his belly that keeps politicians running. The second biggest motivator is money. Right now, a Niagara of money is flowing to both candidates. America’s much vaunted democracy is for sale or at least rent.

Look at the US Congress. Money from pro-Israel groups floods Congress which gives billions to Israel and ally Egypt. As the wise Pat Buchanan said, “Capitol Hill has become Israeli-occupied territory.” Since October 7th of last year, the Biden administration has poured more then $6.5 billion into Israel to fund its war against Palestine.

The Biden White House is under the thumb of a cabal of pro-Israel neocons allied to the extreme right wingers now in power in Israel. PM Netanyahu’s rickety coalition depends on the votes of Israel’s far, far right – so much to the right that the late, great Israeli columnist Uri Avnery called them “Jewish fascists.” Ukraine is also veering in that direction.

Ukraine and Israel are both dominated by pro-Israel groups. Hence the recent gift by Washington of $95 billion to Ukraine and Israel. No wonder many Israelis refer to Ukraine as “the second Israel.”

Biden’s feebleness must be addressed. The Democrats badly need a new leader. My sense is that California’s abled, telegenic governor Gavin Newsom is the most attractive candidate. He currently denies any plans to run. But pressure must be mounting on him to jump into the race.

Biden is not finished yet, but the next weeks may prove his undoing. He still has lots of campaign funds to buy TV ads. Trump has the promise of $100 million from the widow of Sheldon Adelson, the world’s fifth richest woman and an ardent supporter of Israel.

So far, that looks like ante that will buy Congress and the presidency for now. What a dark time in US history. America seems to be going the way of the old Soviet Union, with a decrepit leadership sitting atop a sea of corruption. One wonders whom the desperate Dems will select to replace Biden. Perhaps Tony Blinken, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton (gasp) or a surprise candidate like businessman Jeff Bezos.

Those who do not love the United States must be very happy now. Things could only get worse.

Reprinted with permission from EricMargolis.com.


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