Welcome to the controlled demolition of American energy

by | Mar 9, 2022


Welcome to the controlled demolition of American energy, or as our ruling class alludes to it, the “energy transition.”

Since the beginning of the Biden presidency, there have been competing forces in the White House going back and forth over the energy future for America. On one side, you had somewhat rational minds that recognized the necessity of continuing to produce reliable energy in America. On the other side, there are the forces for the regression of human civilization, arguing that fossil fuels were destroying Gaia and therefore humans need to be made to sacrifice for the supposed health of the planet. 

In a press conference Tuesday morning, President Biden all but declared that the eco radicals in his administration had won this fight, spiking the football on this issue on the same day that America registered the highest gas prices in US history.

In blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for our record energy prices, Biden declared that “it should motivate us to accelerate the transition to clean energy,” adding, “this is a perspective, as I said, that our European allies share and the — a future where together we can achieve greater independence.”

There’s that “energy transition” phrase again. If you’ve been reading and hearing that motto frequently, you’re not alone.

What exactly do these forces mean by the “energy transition” that they keep referring to?

Well, for the past several years, the ruling elites have been getting together in Davos, Paris, and elsewhere, and deciding, without your consent, that removing reliable energy from our lives is absolutely necessary to combat the “climate crisis.” They claim this “crisis” — which just so happens to result in the massive accumulation of centralized power — is the most important issue facing the world today. Virtually every powerful western government has embraced the need for “accelerating” away from reliable energy and into unreliable “clean” resources, such as solar and wind farms. 

Joe Biden and his handlers don’t want to restore energy independence to America and alleviate the suffering that is being experienced by millions of Americans. They can’t do that, because it would jeopardize their “energy transition.” Simply put, the people in charge right now are participating in a controlled demolition of America’s reliable energy resources. And the wellbeing of the American people is being sacrificed for this agenda.

Policies and mottos like “Build Back Better,” the “Green New Deal” and the “energy transition” all allude to the eco radicalism that the “free world” seeks to impose upon its citizens. Most of these slogans and ideas are disbursed by the World Economic Forum, which serves as the narrative shop and think tank for these leaders.

Meanwhile, the Davos climate suicide pact is more than welcomed by adversarial governments in Russia and China, which are more than happy to monopolize reliable energy and improve their geopolitical standing on the world stage. In fact, perhaps the primary motive for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes via Moscow’s energy monopoly over Europe. Our newfound record energy prices should serve as a wake up call for what these energy transitionists have planned not only for Americans, but for the world as a whole.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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