Vitamin D: A Cheap, Effective, and Ignored Coronavirus Countermeasure

by | Nov 23, 2022


In February, I wrote about doctor and libertarian communicator Ron Paul’s advice from early on in the coronavirus panic that people be outside and active in the fresh air and sunlight — exposing themselves to protective vitamin D, and about this advice having been backed by a new study out of Israel.

Dr. Paul had it right all along. In contrast, I wrote that government “public health experts” were using their large platforms throughout the coronavirus panic to tell people to “just lock themselves away in their homes” while “providing just about no advice on anything people could do ahead of time to prepare their bodies to fend off coronavirus.” These so-called experts would not even mention vitamin D or any other supplements, medicines, or activities that could aid people in fending off coronavirus. Such self-help measures were an off-limits topic.

Just stay at home doing nothing to help yourself until you are so sick you have to seek admission to a hospital was the advice of the so-called experts. This advice was particularly troublesome because, by the time people’s medical problems were so bad they went to a hospital, it would be much more difficult to reverse these medical problems even if the right measures were undertaken. Also, hospital protocols, especially early on, often amounted to conveyor belts to death for coronavirus patients. Prevention and early treatment were the best course. But, such was largely unmentioned.

Only when the falsely-claimed “safe and effective” coronavirus “vaccine” shots became available did the “public health experts” finally recommend any purported preventative measure beyond stay at home, mask, and “social distancing” quackery. Their message changed some, but remained horrendous for people’s health.

Writing Tuesday at The Blaze, Daniel Horowitz provides details of a new study published at Nature adding to the evidence that boosting people’s vitamin D levels was an effective, though often ignored, means to prevent people from becoming sick and dying from coronavirus.

Even as the coronavirus panic fades into history, Horowitz notes in his article that the importance of vitamin D in fending off illness persists. He writes:

Just consider how safe, cheap, and broadly beneficial vitamin D is for so many other health concerns. This benefit was known from day one, yet it is still being kept quiet, even as concerns grow about a virulent flu and RSV season, and we know vitamin D is an immunomodulator against all respiratory viruses. We know almost half the U.S. population is deficient in D (82% of black people), and many more could probably use a boost. Where are the health department bulletins warning about this, as they do for getting boosters of mRNA gene juice? Where is the obsession to test people’s D levels to ensure they are above 40-50 ngs/mL, just like the obsession about COVID testing? Every pediatrician is being incentivized to shove one vaccine after another on children, but how many even know their patients’ D levels?

Hopefully, more and more people will learn the good news about vitamin D and refuse to take on faith the advice of government “public health experts” — two significant steps toward better health.


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