Tillerson: US Forces Will Stay in Iraq After Defeat of ISIS

by | Mar 23, 2017


Imagine my surprise.

US military forces will remain in Iraq after the military defeat of the Islamic State in order to avert another resurgence of the terrorist organization, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced Wednesday.

“The military power of the coalition will remain where this fraudulent caliphate has existed in order to set the conditions for a full recovery from the tyranny of ISIS,” Tillerson said in comments at the State Department before a meeting of “the global coalition to defeat ISIS.”

In perfect doublespeak, Tillerson said the soldiers will not be engaged in “nation-building,” but described a process of “stabilization” and “normalization” that would lead to the development of a strong “civil society” in the war-torn region.

This, in other words, will be a multi-decade U.S. nation-building occupation—launched by President Trump.

Reprinted with permission from Target Liberty.