They got away with it. Now what?

by | Aug 3, 2023


The technocratic tyrants of the world still believe that there is only upside to any current and future attempts at sweeping power grabs.

And how can you blame them? After all, they got it away with it. All of it.

Anthony Fauci is a worldwide celebrity and has taken up a prestigious series of appointments at Georgetown University and elsewhere.

Bill Gates and the gang are jet setting around the world preaching the gospel of the Climate Hoax Church.

The C suite executives and boards of directors at Pfizer and Moderna remain unscathed.

Most of the appointees to the Trump and Biden coronavirus task forces have long since cashed out and laundered their credentials through the revolving door and into the BioTech/Big Pharma space.

And the list goes on.

So it shouldn’t come as much as a surprise that they’re trying to restart the party to attempt another series of grand slams

The Pharma-sponsored corporate media is once more spreading the fear hype.

“Time to bring [masks] out again especially as the school season starts,” read the MSNBC headline Tuesday morning.

An entire segment on Tuesday from ABC’s Good Morning America was dedicated to tracking supposed increasing hospitalizations from coronavirus infections, warning that the numbers are “on the rise.”

I’m sorry to break it to the True Believer useful idiots who still triple mask or whatever, but Covid isn’t coming back. Your co-religionists have largely moved on to whatever the next Current Thing is.

Despite that, the bad guys of the Covid hysteria era never faced any consequences for the human rights atrocities they committed since 2019. And in all likelihood, they probably never will.

They have never been held remotely accountable for being wrong and especially for behaving with complete disregard for the unalienable rights of the 8 billion human beings who populate our world. Therefore, this very ruling class faction, with its insatiable appetite for power, will never stop attempting to have their way with our civilization. They’re currently throwing bumper sticker narratives at the dart board and seeing what sticks. And with the Slava Slush Fund became increasingly unpopular, they have yet to find a new long term winning ticket, for now at least.

The battle to hold these forces legally accountable appears to be going about as well as the attempted Ukrainian “counteroffensive” against Russia. The aforementioned list makes that quite clear.

On the positive side of things, however, it’s worth remembering that coronavirus hysteria didn’t end because a virus suddenly got weaker.

Coronavirus hysteria ended because enough human beings became educated to the reality that the “response” to the “pandemic” was wildly overblown and they were no longer worried about acquiring the sniffles. It’s the same reason why Pfizer and Moderna stock is crashing. The signal has arrived. The game is up.

The problem occurred because it took too many people way too long to realize that humanity had been bamboozled by power hungry tyrants.

One of the main lessons of the corona hysteria era is that we need to be much quicker on the draw in providing the counter narrative [the true signal] to the propaganda being deployed by the global ruling classes.

This is no easy task, but it’s so enormously important to the cause of preserving some semblance of human freedom, and pushing back against those who wish to transform the entire world into their own local versions of China’s Social Credit Score system.

Education is paramount. And through platforms like Substack, the promise held by the social media app formerly known as Twitter, Rumble, and elsewhere, the forces for humanity still have a shot to win the messaging battle. When the next big power grab arrives, we should hope for much more courage and bravery than last time around.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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