The Manipulators: Frank Luntz & Far-Left Group Wage Disinformation Campaign for COVID Tyranny

by | Oct 13, 2021


A shadowy far-left “public health” organization and TV “pollster” Frank Luntz have teamed up to run a full court press COVID-19 disinformation campaign, with the goal of persuading governments on all levels to further mandate tyranny on the masses, while attempting to convince American citizens of the necessity of these orders. Since the beginning of COVID Mania, Luntz and his benefactors have manipulated language to gather support for totalitarian government edicts and further legitimize these radical anti-American ideas in the general population.

For almost two years, Luntz and the Big Pharma-tied de Beaumont Foundation have been advocating for a variety of forms of rights restricting COVID-related mandates through suspect “polling” and “studies” funded by the non-profit.

Their first task involved manipulating the language in favor of supporting liberty-crushing lockdowns. Now, their current partnership is focused on coercing COVID injections on the entire American population through the force of government.

Here’s how Luntz and Brian Castrucci, the far-left activist leader of the de Beaumont Foundation, waged a campaign to defend stealing individual liberties and imposing psuedoscientific lockdowns on the masses.

In order to show that there will be support for their prescribed agenda, de Beaumont paid Luntz to produce a series of “polls” showing widespread support for their extremist ideas. Nowhere could I find a disclaimer from Luntz stating that the outcomes his “polls” achieved miraculously always supported the demands coming from the organization that funded them. Some early “polls” were used by Luntz to gather data for his language manipulation campaigns, while other “polls” are leveraged to gather support for the government’s trampling of rights on American society.

Luntz and Castrucci, the two self-declared “health” advocates — both of whom have visibly, catastrophically failed to meet any semblance of a decent individual health standard — first attempted to sway lawmakers away from using the term lockdown.

As Influence Watch reported, Luntz and his paymasters published “a report on how to persuade Republican-leaning voters to support aggressive COVID-19 restrictions, notably encouraging renaming ‘lockdowns’ as ‘stay-at-home orders.’”

And while Luntz was busy greasing the skids for COVID tyranny, de Beaumont launched a parallel campaign to pursue its far-left political goals, leveraging the pandemic for an attempted radical transformation of American society.

In a February op-ed for Stat News, Castrucci took de Beaumont’s Police State advocacy a step further, describing the right to unalienable rights and normal life as an unnecessary “privilege” that can be stripped by government.

Castrucci, a self-proclaimed “public health expert,” who holds a public health doctorate degree, added that it was time to to push government enforced “racial equity” programs for “Black and Latinx households.”


In addition to his racialist equity campaigns, Castrucci and his employees always found time to support Luntz in endorsing government enforced lockdowns, business closures, and mask mandates.

And when the lockdowns and other restrictions failed to contain a virus, Luntz and his fellow travelers claimed that we didn’t lock down hard enough, seemingly arguing that a Police State akin to Australia’s COVID response would have done the job more appropriately. After explaining away the failures of lockdowns, they then washed their hands of the unpopular agenda item and moved on to the next issue.

When the lockdown and business closures campaign ran out of steam, the Luntz-de Beaumont partnership shifted to a movement passport and pro government coercion campaign, which began several months ago. In April, Luntz and Castrucci coauthored an op-ed in Pfizer-sponsored CNBC, urging people to stop using the term vaccine passports, and instead go with language that hides the reality of the discriminatory edicts.


Luntz was back on CNBC Tuesday, claiming he had a new poll that showed Americans support COVID shot mandates. He did not tell the audience that the organization that sponsors his poll has publicly advocated for the mandates, rendering his “poll” as nothing more than a clear cut information operation.

While Luntz is spending lots of time in D.C. lobbying politicians and on the airwaves manipulating his TV audiences, de Beaumont is waging a parallel campaign to strip states and local governments of their health policy autonomy. The group recently released a new “study” that calls for the federal government to enforce a one-size-fits-all policy on the states, claiming it is necessary to rob states of their autonomy because it will help end the pandemic.

So where is the money coming from?

While some of its assets derive from the estate of the late Brookstone founder Pierre de Beaumont, the de Beaumont Foundation is assisted by a coalition of far-left nonprofits. One of its biggest donors includes the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which funds far-left advocacy in the United States. Another major donor is The Kresge Foundation, which supports similar programs.

Most notably, non-profit forms show that the foundation has received millions of dollars from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, an investment fund that maintains a portfolio that holds 95.5% of its assets in Johnson & Johnson stock. As of this writing, that amounts to over $2 billion.

Frank Luntz and de Beaumont have teamed up to wage a massive disinformation campaign on the American public, with the goal of convincing individuals, through their questionable polling, “studies,” and focus groups, that advocates for freedom are isolated and alone in the wilderness.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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