The Incompetent Idiocracy Covid Origin Theory

by | Jul 1, 2023


Humanity was never exposed to any evidence of a “super virus” or anything resembling a unique human modified viral agent. Yet we still have plenty of glaring evidence of panicked government officials attempting to perform a widespread mop up and smear operation.

How do we square that circle?

Communications and emails from the early days of the Covid Hysteria era reflect that US Government Health officials truly believed their clandestine gain of function virus modification experiments had worked, and that there was a mistaken release of a super virus from a Wuhan lab, and this incident was about to cause unprecedented global chaos.

More and more reporting and evidence via emails and other records points to a clearly orchestrated cover up at the highest levels of Government Health institutions in the United States. That much is without a doubt. Longtime government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, and their allies took pains to smear dissidents from the regime’s most precious narrative: the insist upon a natural origin theory for Covid-19.

Surely, this must mean that there must have been a modified super virus leaked from a lab, either mistakenly or deliberately, right?

There’s just one small problem with this thesis.

The cover up is clear as day, but the “crime” [this specific alleged crime, not the horrific authoritarian destruction endorsed by the same network] remains unfounded.

Here’s what we know with statistical certainty about what people refer to as “the pandemic.”

First and foremost, there was no singular deadly coronavirus responsible for people getting sick since 2019, but a series of flu seasons rebranded as covid seasons, through the help of shoddy and overly broad diagnostic tools.

How the Flu “disappeared” during the Covid era
JUN 23

Moreover, there was no deadly covid strain. Even from the earliest days of the hysteria, the Diamond Princess data shows us that there was the idea there was a deadly strain is nothing more than a myth.

The myth of a deadly Covid virus strain
JUN 22

Lastly, there was nothing about the last few years that meets the definition of a pandemic. There was no pandemic, but just a series of run-of-the-mill respiratory seasons, weaponized and fueled by a continuous global hysteria, during which the advertised measures and remedies were infinitely worse than the disease.

There was no pandemic
JUN 16

None of this supports the idea of a weaponized super virus, and it is why the gain of function lab leak fiasco doesn’t make a lot of sense to sober observers.

But perhaps we should consider the possibility that Fauci and his collaborators really believed they were complicit in the creation of a modified super virus. This would explain both the panicked communications between the bureaucrats and the evidence-free case for the “bioweapon” they supposedly unleashed.

Essentially, our Government Health apparatchiks observed the Wuhan Zombieland theatrics in China, and fooled themselves into believing they had unleashed a killer virus upon the world, knowing full well that they supported the research at the Wuhan lab.

[Read Michael Senger’s excellent Substack for some of the foundations behind the Wuhan fiasco]

Revisiting China’s COVID-19 ‘Walking Dead’
AUGUST 31, 2020

Additionally, it’s worth assessing the probability of competing theories under the Occam’s razor principle.

Which is the more probably scenario?

That things were made up and proceeded to get way out of hand?


A man modified super virus bioweapon successfully appears for the first time in human history, but it is not at all unique and cannot differentiate itself from any other recent respiratory season.

The Incompetent Idiocracy covid origin theory explains both the manic initial behavior and the reality we face in being unable to notice any distinguishing characteristics for this supposed modified lab leak bioweapon virus.

In all likelihood, Fauci and the gang fooled themselves into believing the super virus thesis, worrying they could be implicated in a heinous crime, by being linked to the reckless and negligent release of a gain of function bioweapon into the world. But in all likelihood, there was no lab leak or anything of the sort. This explains both the cover up and the lack of evidence for a deadly virus.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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