The Gaza Death Toll

by | Jun 25, 2024

The often-reported death toll from Israel’s war in Gaza has been stuck at under 40,000. But, the death toll continues to increase and appears to significantly exceed that reported number.

Many of the deaths in Gaza are hard to confirm during the continuing military action. Bodies are not recoverable because of reasons including that they were obliterated by Israeli weapons, have remained in the rubble of destroyed buildings, or have been buried in mass graves. People seeking to recover trapped survivors and bodies will under current conditions likely lack the aid of heavy machinery. They can also become targets of Israel military action.

Save the Children pointed to some of these issues in regard to Gazan children in a Monday post at its website:

It is nearly impossible to collect and verify information under the current conditions in Gaza, but at least 17,000 children are believed to be unaccompanied and separated and approximately 4,000 children are likely missing under the rubble [2], with an unknown number also in mass graves. Others have been forcibly disappeared, including an unknown number detained and forcibly transferred out of Gaza, their whereabouts unknown to their families amidst reports of ill-treatment and torture.

A similar situation exists among adults in Gaza as well, further contributing to the understatement of deaths.

Keep in mind that Gazans now are in great danger not only from direct Israel military action. Gazans are also suffering and dying due to lack of adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care caused by the Israeli government’s imposition of a blockade on Gaza, in addition to Israel’s vast destruction of buildings in Gaza including homes and medical facilities.


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