The Free Beacon Is Lucky Ron Paul Is No Longer In Congress

by | Nov 6, 2013

Congressman, Brad Schneider (D-IL), was in the process of introducing a bill in the House that sought to delay a new round of sanctions on Iran. That is, until the neocon Free Beacon caught wind of it.

How dare Schneider suggest waiting a measly four months before increasing sanctions?

Following the Free Beacon’s story, Schneider shelved the bill. He then “organized an impromptu conference Tuesday evening to explain to pro-Israel leaders why he authored a bill that could delay a new round of Iran sanctions…”

So Schneider shelves the bill, and then explains himself to pro-Israel leaders? What?

The story gets even better. The Wall Street Journal reports that:

Congressman Schneider has called upon the Senate to immediately pass the ‘Preventing a Nuclear Iran Act’ and opposes any legislation that would delay, hinder, or stop current or future sanctions.

What a turnaround!

Kinda makes you miss Congressman Ron Paul, doesn’t it?

Here’s how the story would have been different were he still in the House. Congressman Paul would have drafted a bill that would abolish all sanctions against Iran. After all, sanctions are an act of war.

The neocon Free Beacon could then write whatever it wanted to show its displeasure. They would surely use every derogatory name in the book. Congressman Paul would still file the bill. There would be no apologies, and the great American Congressman would surely not feel the need to explain himself to special interest groups.

While it may be sad that the voice for liberty is no longer in Congress, there is a tremendous bright side to the story. The much freer, and non-restrained Ron Paul is representing liberty like never before!

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