The Death Throes of the 'Public Health Expert'

by | Apr 22, 2022


The very concept of Public Health, once a rather innocuous term, is facing an extinction level event, and Americans should be incredibly thankful for this development.

Sometimes, when a people are faced with a grand crisis, a bold new idea or group of individuals moves humanity forward in ways once thought of as improbable, if not impossible.

But the elevation of the supposed masters of Public Health has achieved the opposite effect. It is now a term that half of America reacts to with some combination of revulsion and mockery, and rightfully so.

Prior to the pandemic, America’s Public Health “experts” were rarely heard or seen. In the past, these forces would arise from obscurity to tell us the world is coming to an end, only to be routinely dismissed, forcing them to crawl back underneath the surface. With COVID Mania, that all changed. And now that we’ve seen what this profession is truly about, many long for the days when the insignificance of the Public Health man is restored to his proper place in society. 

Pre-2019, the individuals that are relentlessly populating our corporate press and policy circles were just run of the mill collectivists, a collection of over credentialed and underachieving individuals doing niche “research” to justify their existence in a variety of academic circles, or pushing paper in a government or pharmaceutical bureaucracy. The savior complex they seem to collectively embody had not yet shown its face.

Prior to COVID Mania, panic profiteer Eric Feigl Ding was co-authoring research papers about diarrhea. Deborah Birx was a no name bureaucrat giving lectures sponsored by the Gates Foundation about Aids in Africa. Anthony Fauci was peddling a variety of Ebola-related pharmaceuticals (some things never change). Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb was… doing the same thing, but without a Wall Street Journal column and a weekly national television appearance. And the Public Health chairs of the various China-funded Ivy League academic departments were lecturing their students about equity and racism, and promoting their favorite socialist heroes.

But with COVID Mania came a rocket ship-like rise to stardom, and a level of status that these forces understood as a sanction for them to play SimCity with all of our lives and livelihoods. Every TV broadcast and newspaper interview needed a credentialed “Public Health expert,” because for one reason or another, common sense went flying out the window, and we needed these “experts” to guide us through a disease that amounted to a varying case of the sniffles for 99% of the population.

Yet over the course of COVID Mania, Americans grew tired of these self-proclaimed experts of Public Health, and their rabid intrusions upon every fundamental liberty many of us cherish as Americans. Since 2020, the Public Health cartel has badly exposed itself as nothing more than a dedicated enterprise of political activists and charlatans.

They kept telling us to “listen to the science,” meaning, only the words spoken by a niche group of Public Health professionals employed in the fields of epidemiology, virology, and other suspect disciplines. Modern day Public Health has a gatekeeping mechanism similar to that of Climate Science, in that there is a core narrative that its “experts” must sign off on prior to entry into the field.

As time went on, more and more Americans came to realize that none of the magical “tools” endorsed by the Public Health expert cartel seemed to work to stop our virus problem. Even worse, these supposed virus killing instruments had tremendous costs. They were destroying lives and livelihoods by the millions, and taking a wrecking ball to the fabric of our nation.

What is left of the Public Health expert class is a variety of ridiculous people who, like the last members of a dying cult, are lashing out to justify what is left of their relevance. The entire Public Health schtick has been exposed as fraudulent. COVID Mania showed us that this outfit is largely nothing more than ideological authoritarians, failed statisticians, midwit academics, and the occasional academic MD who advocates via virtue signal for their non existent patient roster.


The Public Health people we had trusted to solve our virus problem ended up creating a beast infinitely worse than a Flu-like illness. Without COVID Mania, they would have been able to continue to operate in the shadows, promoting pseudoscience and radical ideologies to the next generation in the pipeline. But now, at least, the Public Health cartel has become unmasked. From the perspective of the rational mind, the ideas unleashed into the world by the Public Health cartel are slowly being swept away into the ash heap of history, and that is exactly where they belong.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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