The Chicken Little Act Isn’t Working – COVID Mania is Wearing Off

by | Mar 19, 2021


The “public health experts” are scrambling to remain in the spotlight, and even their most reliable scare tactics are failing to keep the masses compliant, paranoid, and afraid. For the “public health” cartel, 2020 was the best year of their lives, and it seems that after one year of “two weeks to slow the spread,” they just can’t muster up the momentum needed to replicate that power high.

If you don’t know the beginning of the Chicken Little story, here’s a quick summary.

Under the impression that the sky is falling, Chicken Little sounds the alarm to his community. In telling everyone to run for their lives, he sets in motion a series of chaotic events that otherwise would never have happened. Chicken Little’s self-generated incident of mass chaos and confusion results in tremendous damage to his community, which later turns on him after they realize that his panicked warnings were all entirely unnecessary.

As COVID-19 has been revealed as an entirely political issue, at least half of the country is finally reaching that Chicken Little end point. A once panicked population, which for the past year has been captured under the spell of COVID hysteria, is slowly coming to the realization that power drunk governors, bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and the “public health” cartel, and other snake oil salesmen have done so much residual harm in the name of a virus, while never contributing in a positive manner to anything related to COVID-19.

In recent months, when it was becoming clear that their latest avenue for panic was reaching its end point, the “public health” gang seamlessly shifted to another issue of “concern.” From lockdowns, to curfews, to masks and the like, these draconian moves were not met with much hostility. Despite our best efforts to inform the public that COVID-19 — with its 99.8% recovery rate — is really not that big of a deal, the “public health” terror campaigns worked incredibly well.

However, now a full year into the “two weeks to slow the spread” campaign, we are seeing real signs of resistance.

For the last few months, the ruling class has settled on promoting “new variants” of the coronavirus in order to keep the power grab going. I discussed the “new variants” propaganda at length here in The Dossier.

But now, the new mutation panic is simply not imprinting in the collective mindset in the same way that the old tactics were deployed. The ruling class feels their control slipping away. For the first time in a full year, they’re losing the argument. The momentum for their causes are collapsing. “New variants” just don’t hit hard enough for people to care.

The attitudes shift played out today in Congress, with Dr. Rand Paul representing the rational side of the COVID argument.

Here’s a terrific clip from this morning of Sen Rand Paul taking Dr. Fauci to the woodshed over his hysterical proclamations concerning the “new variants,” and why Fauci feels the need to wear a double mask signal, even after he was vaccinated for COVID-19:

In my view, the mass awakening of those once under the spell of COVID mania is happening for several reasons.

First off, whatever your position is on the COVID vaccines, they are working from at least a psychological standpoint to help rid people of the fear and paranoia they’ve experienced related to pandemic mania. More people are leaving their houses and going out, citing the vaccine as the reason why. Of course, they never should have locked themselves indoors in the first place, but that’s a separate issue.

Second, COVID fatigue is getting real. Not everyone wants to suffer and be miserable forever.

Third, the corporate media and authoritarian politicians and bureaucrats can no longer continue to disregard the fact that states like Florida, South Dakota, and others have had similar to and better results without lockdowns and other strict mandates. “Just wait two weeks” for disaster doesn’t stick when it’s been an entire year.

Fourth, people who can move the needle and shape opinions are finally speaking out against the failed draconian mandates, from scientists to doctors to politicians to other influential individuals, they came to the party a year late, but at least they’re here now.

The repeated Chicken Little act is getting old and tiresome. Eventually, people have come to realize that the sky is not, in fact, falling.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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