Small Victory: Decades-Old Database of Nevada Handgun Owners to be Destroyed

by | Jun 15, 2015


In this age of mass surveillance, it is uncommon to hear of the destroying of a government’s surveillance database — even if in just one American county. Yet, that is what the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is preparing to do.

As required by Senate Bill 175 that the Nevada governor signed into law on June 2, the police department appears set to destroy, within a year, all physical and digital records of handgun owners that the police department has accumulated under a Clark County registration requirement implemented in 1948.

Chris Eger, in a Monday article, relates the police department spokesman’s explanation of what will be done with the decades-old database of handgun owners in the county:

‘The records must be destroyed after one year,’ Officer Jesse Roybal, spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Office of Public Information, told

The collection, which Roybal said dates back at least to 1965, is on a countdown to destruction mandated by the new law.

‘We still have paper, digital, and microfiche registrations,’ Roybal said. ‘We will physically make sure the paper and microfiche are shredded and the digital registrations are deleted.’

Read Eger’s complete article here.


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