Settled Science? A ‘Climate Change’ Dissident Speaks Out

by | Feb 1, 2017

Should “settled” science allow dissident research? Or must all scientists conform to conventional wisdom? Today’s Liberty Report is not so much a debate about climate change, but rather about attempts to silence one scientist whose research led her to draw different conclusions. One could easily be in favor of the prevailing notion that climate change is human-caused and still be concerned about the tendency to silence dissenters. We speak with climatologist Dr. Judith Curry about what it’s like to deviate from the scientific orthodoxy:


  • Daniel McAdams

    Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and co-Producer/co-Host, Ron Paul Liberty Report. Daniel served as the foreign affairs, civil liberties, and defense/intel policy advisor to U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R-Texas) from 2001 until Dr. Paul’s retirement at the end of 2012. From 1993-1999 he worked as a journalist based in Budapest, Hungary, and traveled through the former communist bloc as a human rights monitor and election observer.

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