Russia Will Not Stop Jeffrey Goldberg

by | Sep 12, 2013

The lust for constant war is an itch that neocons always have to scratch. American bombs must be dropping somewhere. There is always an imaginary Hitler that needs to be squashed.

When the bombs aren’t dropping, neocons get very anxious and impatient. They’re like a five year old who can’t sit still. The only thing worse for a neocon is getting extremely close to unleashing the dogs of war (like attacking Syria) and then have it taken away. That leads to lots of kicking and screaming.

Jeffrey Goldberg lets it be known that Russia will not stop his agenda. If anything, Goldberg’s ideas now have a better chance of coming to fruition:

I agree that the Russian proposal is worth pursuing, but not because I think it will be successful. I think it’s worth pursuing because Syrian noncompliance will help buttress the case for tougher action. Not missile strikes, necessarily — I’ve been dubious about those — but a new commitment to a long-term strategy of regime change.

So the stage for the bigger showdown is now set. Neocons must use a different angle, known as “find the noncompliance”. You can bet your bottom dollar that neocons will concoct whatever noncompliance they need to. And when they do, it’s payback time.

No more “send them a message” with “pinprick” missile strikes. Goldberg wants the whole enchilada. He wants “regime change”!

Why not? Neocons have an impeccable record with regime changes. Just take a look at Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They all lie in ruins. Why not add Syria to the mix?

Russia may have avoided having American bombs kill scores of innocent Syrian civilians, and the American public may be getting a sigh of relief, but the neocons aren’t going away. They’ll brush themselves off and come back. And when they do, they’re gonna go big!

In their eyes, nothing will stop them from destroying yet another country on the road to Tehran.