Ron Paul: The Ukraine Fuse Has Been Lit

by | May 17, 2014


Ron Paul and Charles Goyette discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, including a new Senate bill that seeks to push the US to the very brink of war with Russia. In addition to ramping up NATO’s military presence on Russia’s borders, the bill will appropriate $10 billion to push regime change in Russia!

The US government pulled off a coup in Ukraine earlier this year, said Dr. Paul, but they worked very hard to convince the US public through the media that it is all Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russians who caused the problems. “I am not sure they will get away with it this time,” he said, “as people are getting tired of all the wars — they will see through this.”

Ron Paul chides supporters of the Senate bill, saying: “many of the warmongers in the Senate who sign on to this bill are so-called conservatives, but I’ve never understand how those who call themselves conservative can be so liberal with other people’s money when it comes to war overseas. They may vote against food for the poor and say ‘well I am a real hero and a Constitutionalist,’ but at the same time they never challenge the military industrial complex and the wars overseas.”

Listen to this entire timely podcast here.


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