Ron Paul Rewind: Smacking Down Militarism and Liberty Abuses in 2011 CNN Debate

by | Dec 15, 2015

Tonight, Republican presidential candidates will participate in a CNN debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer. On November 22, 2011, Ron Paul, in another Blitzer-moderated CNN presidential debate, boldly proposed ending US militarism abroad and liberty abuses at home.

Paul began his debate comments with a concise introduction of himself and his outlook concerning militarism and liberty:

I’m Ron Paul, a congressman from Texas. I am pleased to be here at the debate because this is a very important debate. I am convinced that needless and unnecessary wars are a great detriment. They undermine our prosperity and our liberties. They add to our deficits and they consume our welfare. We should take a careful look at our foreign policy.

Paul argued for a noninterventionist foreign policy throughout the debate. “Why don’t we mind our own business?” asks Paul regarding US foreign policy. Paul points out that “the biggest threat to our national security is our financial condition” that “the endless wars and endless foreign aid” aggravate.

In regard to domestic issues, Paul resolutely promoted the protection of liberty. For example, Paul sums up the PATRIOT Act as “unpatriotic because it undermines our liberty” and calls the war on drugs “another war we ought to cancel.”

Watch Paul present the case for peace and liberty in the debate here:


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