Ron Paul: No More US Aid to Syria Insurgents; Better for House to Impeach than Sue Obama

by | Jun 28, 2014

Ron Paul, speaking with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, explains that President Barack Obama’s proposal to spend a half-billion dollars on training and arming Syria insurgents will hurt Americans while helping the military industrial complex. Paul, RPI’s chairman and founder, also argues that the House of Representatives would do better to impeach Obama for unconstitutional actions than to follow Speaker of the House John Boehner’s plan to sue Obama.

Regarding aid to Syria insurgents, Paul explained:

It just continues the mistakes that we have been making in that region of the world for the past ten, twelve years. But, they don’t know where the money goes. They don’t know where the weapons go. They want to give it to the Free Syrian Army; we’ve done a lot of that already. But, those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS. They were supposed to be used to get rid of [Syria President Bashar al-] Assad. Assad is more secure now than he was a few months ago.

It is good for the military industrial complex, and I guess they want to sell more weapons. But, it makes no sense whatsoever for us to put more weapons in there to be used against the [Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-] Maliki government — a government we spent so much blood and guts to establish, and a democratically elected government by the way. But, we have to get rid of Maliki now. At the same time we want unity in the government.

It just makes so much sense that we should change our foreign policy. This whole idea that we can be everything to everybody and we have endless money. I wonder how many Americans want to loan the government money to get that half a billion dollars to buy more weapons. I don’t think many Americans say, “You know, that sounds like a good investment; I think I’m going to loan the government some money so they can pay these bills.”

Paul proceeds to comment on Boehner’s plan to sue Obama over the president acting beyond constitutional powers. Paul argues that a better course would be to seek impeachment of Obama. Paul, though, notes that Congress shares much of the blame because it has ceded so much power to the executive branch.

Watch the complete interview here:

RPI Advisory Board Member Andrew Napolitano has similarly recommended impeachment of Obama as a superior course than the “political grandstanding” of the proposed lawsuit.

Watch Napolitano present his argument in a Fox Business interview with Maria Bartiromo here:


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