Rep. Thomas Massie is Preparing to be Taken as a Christmas Hostage

by | Nov 21, 2019


Speaking Wednesday evening with host Kennedy at Fox Business, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) predicted that the shenanigans this week to pass a continuing resolution providing short-term funding for the United States government and extra big-government goodies including authorization for mass surveillance, all without US House of Representatives members having time to adequately review the legislation, is not the end of the story.

Come December 20, Massie predicts congressional leadership “will come in a closed room” with Massie and other representatives “and they’ll say ‘OK now we’ve got the really big omnibus and, if you vote for this, you can go home for Christmas, but, if you don’t vote for it and it fails, we’re gonna make you stay here over Christmas and New Years.’”

An omnibus bill throws together funding for many different parts of the US government at the last minute instead of debates and votes being held over time on separate spending categories-based bills.

“It’s almost like a dystopian future,” continued Massie in the interview, saying that previously when he has been in the closed room House members start “chanting ‘vote, vote, vote, vote’ and people run up there and vote for something they have not read.” Concludes Massie regarding this recurring phenomenon: “There’s some Stockholm syndrome going on where like the hostages are superexcited to vote for their own doom, or for the doom of the American people.”

Watch here Massie’s complete interview, in which he also discusses the peculiar situation of House members, who say President Donald Trump is abusing presidential powers, voting to authorize and fund everything Trump is doing, as well as why Massie recently voted against sanctions on China.

Massie is a member of the Ron Paul Institute’s Advisory Board.


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