‘Public Health Experts’ in government & academia have exposed themselves as clueless charlatans

by | Dec 18, 2021


There’s one thing that the “public health expert” class is certain about these days.

They claim to have the “the tools” to stop this coronavirus.

But the thing about these “tools” is that they require blind faith in order to work, since every observable metric shows that they’ve failed in catastrophic fashion.

It’s time to acknowledge some strikingly clear realities about COVID Mania:

We are now almost two full years into our population-wide “public health expert”-managed COVID tyranny, and it has not exactly paid dividends for anyone other than the people in charge, who have catapulted to a life of fame and prestige.

There is no evidence anywhere in the world that top-down authoritarianism, guided by these excessively praised “public health experts,” has produced positive outcomes for the health and safety of any nation. In fact, the opposite is true. Throughout the world, sickness and unhealthy habits are increasing across the board, both indirectly and directly related to COVID-19.

According to all observable metrics, the promised “cures” and “mitigation” and “suppression” strategies are not working as advertised. In fact, most of these “tools,” when employed, are making everything worse.

The mRNA shots were originally sold to the public with the claim that they prevent people from both infecting others and being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. This is why the FDA and CDC, among other “public health” bureaucracies, decided to green light injecting unthreatened 5 year olds with experimental drugs. The promise was that they would be “doing their part” to “save grandma” and “stop the spread.” Yet the prevention and transmission claim has been completely memory-holed. As evidenced most recently by the breakouts in universally compliant settings, after a period of time, the shots seem to do nothing at all to prevent infection or transmission.


Universal masking, another agreed upon tool to stop a virus, doesn’t work, yet the “experts” continue to swear by the act of securing a dirty rag to your face.

Curfews and lockdowns, a tool first popularized by the Chinese Communist Party, have done absolutely nothing to solve a virus problem. Of course, the ruling class has taken to quadrupling down on these measures.

And mass asymptomatic testing has only prolonged this pandemic of stupidity, and manifested a very rich industry.

The idea that someone could even be a “public health expert” should be met with great suspicion, yet governments across the world have put these people in charge of our entire civilization.

The “public health expert” class has no idea how to stop people from getting sick, yet they continue to claim that there are obvious “tools” to stop a virus.

These frauds and charlatans used to be relegated to publishing their annual quota of useless academic papers that nobody read. Now, their theoretical models and hypotheses have been put to the test via government force, and they have failed to an incredible degree.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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