Propaganda Master Anthony Fauci

by | Dec 18, 2021

The United States government’s lead coronavirus fearmonger and experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots pusher Anthony Fauci was in his usual throw the facts overboard propagandist mode in a Friday CNBC interview.

Fear the omicron, says Fauci in the interview. Yet, this latest coronavirus variant du jour seems to be much less of a threat than the original coronavirus that was hyped to justify massive violations of liberty.

Take booster injections of the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots, Fauci next advises. That these shots have already proven both dangerous and ineffective, as well as that government is suppressing the use of other means of prevention and treatment, goes unmentioned.

And wear masks, says Fauci, reiterating a message he has reliably repeated since turning on a dime in April of 2020 from his previous advice against mask wearing. Through both of Fauci’s positions on the matter, the situation has remained the same: Masks are not established to provide net protection against coronavirus.

Fauci manages to make all these absurd assertions in quick succession and with a straight face in the six-minute CNBC interview clip below. He even throws in his support for the next step, taken Tuesday, by the US government in suppressing the Johnson & Johnson shots in favor of the also dangerous Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech shots that the US government has appeared to show favoritism toward for a long time.

Here is the Fauci CNBC interview clip:


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