More Israeli Bombs Over Syria

by | May 5, 2013

For the second day in a row, the Israeli government is reported to have bombed Syria — this time near Damascus — according to reporting by the Washington Post.

As the Washington Post — itself deeply in the ideological pockets of the left-neocons — concludes, this is Israel’s response to American skepticism over its lurid tales, without evidence, of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government:

“The attack Friday coincided with mounting pressure on the Obama administration to formulate a response to the growing risk of weapons proliferation in the Syrian war, notably the possibility that chemical weapons are being used in the conflict and could fall into the hands of extremists.”

Translation: “We told you a red-line violating story and you did not believe us. Time for Plan B. We’re going in.”

The Washington Post piece also confirms that the Israeli military clearly backs up the Islamist insurgency fighting the Syrian government, made up primarily of al-Qaeda in Syria (AIS):

“There were reports Friday that an overnight rebel mortar attack had caused a huge blaze at the Damascus airport, with a video posted online showing at least two locations on fire. But the Lebanese security official said the blasts, which woke him up, were bigger than those caused by mortar shells and that his Syrian counterparts had confirmed to him that the source was an Israeli strike.”

It’s not rocket science — the Israeli military and the insurgents share the same targets. Does the Washington Post realize the implications of its reporting?

The passive-aggressive US State Department, which is curiously — or not — silent every time its beloved insurgents commit an atrocity of a Boston-on-steroids scale against Christians and others who do not support al-Qaeda in Syria, has nevertheless suddenly found its voice to condemn Syrian government for a “massacre” in Baida, where seven bodies have been found killed in possible retaliation for the killing of seven members of the Syrian Army.

The US is suddenly “appalled by horrific reports” with no evidence, while silent on the truly horrific atrocities committed by its allies, the insurgents — including documented evidence of their forcing children to behead enemies of the insurgency.

Here is what the corporate media will not tell you: the Syrian government has engaged in a highly successful counter-offensive over the past three weeks that has left the foreign based insurgency on the verge of total defeat. This is the impetus for the manic Israeli bombing campaigns against the Syrian government. The silly claims of the Israeli general falling flat on the still-professional US intelligence analytical community, things just became very grave for the regime-changers in the US and Tel Aviv. The only incoming Israeli has received from Syria has been insurgent fire in the Golan intended to establish the illusion of an instability so grave it requires an Israeli military response. Like the drunk who dares his friends to buy him another drink, Israeli warhawks oblige.

The cost of the Bibi-ista tactical alliance with al-Qaeda will sadly likely be high for the average Israeli who wants no part of this fight. Not unlike the ultimate cost of US support for Bin Laden against the Soviets which culminated in 9/11. The Israeli peace movement is a final hope…we are with you!


  • Daniel McAdams

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