Michael Scheuer: US Foreign Policy is Leading ‘Directly to Fascism in America’

by | Nov 22, 2015


Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Osama bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer, interviewed by CNN’s Michael Smerconish regarding the path to take after the recent Paris Killings, advises that the current “half-way approach” that rejects both non-intervention and all-out war “leads directly to fascism in this country.”

Fourteen years into the US government’s Global War on Terrorism, Scheuer reminds us that the Founders observed that, “the longer a war goes on, the more power accrues to the central government, and you eventually create a despotism.” This trend toward despotism continues. Indeed, Scheuer notes that “the very first thing that happened after these attacks was a demand,” in both Europe and America, “for more surveillance of the entire population.”

Scheuer presents two alternatives to the current course: The US government can go all in or all out. The all-in path, as Scheuer describes it in the interview, would call for the US to bring an enormous amount of death and destruction overseas. In contrast, Scheuer, a Ron Paul Institute Academic Board member, advocates that the US government choose the all-out path, explaining that he is “a complete noninterventionist” who “would rather get out of there right now and leave it all to the Europeans and the Arabs to sort out.”

Watch Scheuer’s complete interview here.


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