Looking Back: Ron Paul’s Interviews with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

by | Aug 9, 2015


Though Jon Stewart on Thursday concluded his 16-year run as host of The Daily Show, Stewart’s interviews will live on — including his informative and entertaining interviews with former US House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul.

While Stewart did not see eye to eye with Paul on every issue, Stewart’s conversations with Paul were always respectful and centered on exploring important issues underlying political debates. As with many people, Stewart’s respect for Paul stems at least in part from a recognition of Paul’s consistency. Near the conclusion of Stewart’s 2011 interview with Paul, Stewart explains:

It’s always great to see you, and I always enjoy our conversations. You really are one of our last consistent politicians that we see in this world.

In fact, in an effort to demonstrate an absurdity in American politics via humor as Stewart often does so well, Stewart suggests near the beginning of that interview that a strategy for success in the presidential campaign would be for Paul to abandon the consistency Stewart admires. Says Stewart with deadpan delivery:

It seems like what gets a lot of attention is saying one thing a few years ago and then changing your position. Have you thought about … flip-flopping?

Stewart continues on the topic, suggesting that Paul should “come out for a war on Iran” to generate interest in Paul’s campaign. “Your consistency has been a real problem for the media, I guess is what I am saying,” concludes Stewart.

But, the interview is not all jokes. Over 15 minutes, Paul introduces the show’s audience to important concepts related to matters including the drug war and federalism

Watch the complete September 26, 2011 interview in three parts here:

Two years earlier, Stewart interviewed Paul upon the publication of Paul’s book End the Fed, ribbing Paul at the beginning of the interview for having “put a lot of thought and effort” into the book, unlike the typical case with politicians’ books. As the interview proceeds, Stewart gives Paul room to examine the dangers from the Federal Reserve and corporations, such as Halliburton and dating back to railroads in the 1800s, that “come to government and get special benefits.”

Watch the complete September 29, 2009 interview here:

Paul, who is chairman and founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, first spoke with Stewart on The Daily Show during Paul’s run in the 2008 presidential race. In an interview during the campaign, Paul highlights the importance of upholding the US Constitution and adhering to nonintervention in foreign policy.

Watch the complete June 4, 2007 interview here:


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