Krauthammer Agrees with Paul on Obama’s NSA Reform Speech — Sort Of

by | Jan 19, 2014

Columnist Charles Krauthammer says he agrees with RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul — “the ACLU and Ron Paul are right” — that President Barack Obama’s mass spying reform speech Friday is “90-percent smoke and mirrors and very little substantive change.” The catch is that Krauthammer, speaking in a Fox News panel, proceeds to explain that he approves the bamboozling, saying it is “what we need.”

Krauthammer frankly elaborates on Obama’s reform proposal:

It doesn’t matter who keeps the records. What matters is do you collect them, and is it kept somewhere? Answer, yes. True, you’re going to have to go through the FISA court to access it, except in an emergency, so anytime you really need it, no court. And if you’ve got time on your hands so you’ll have a procedure and you’ll almost always end up with access. They’re going to add an advocate, a privacy advocate, who will plead in the FISA court, but it seems as if only in novel cases, and not in routine ones. Big deal.

Watch Krauthammer’s full comment:


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